Sports Theme Cakes

Play Ball!

Fans and players alike will enjoy a sports theme cake at their next celebration. These styles of cakes are great centerpieces for birthday parties, victory celebrations and even year-end team get-togethers.

This white, buttercream frosted cake was made into a baseball by simply piping some red gel along the top.

Splendid Soccer Cake

A plain chocolate buttercream cake can be turned into an exciting soccer themed cake by adding a ball to the top. To make the dome, cook your cake batter in a round glass or metal bowl that's oven safe. Once cooked, level off the top and flip over on to your cake. Decorate with white and brown frosting or piping gel.

Tee Time

This three-tiered chocolate cake is topped with white chocolate golf balls. Use white candy melts and a golf ball candy mold to make these cake toppers.

Shooting Star

Make your dad the center of attention this Father's Day with this awesome basketball cake. This sports themed cake is covered with orange fondant, piped brown lines and yellow stars.

Out of the Park Cake

This sheet cake was airbrushed to look like a softball being hit out of the park.

Shark Bait?

This professionally designed fishing cake demonstrates the profound use of modeling chocolate and fondant. It looks too good to eat!

Sports Themed Cupcakes

If cupcakes are more your style, try your hand a football cupcake. A basic white cupcake can be transformed into a "football" by molding the ball out of modeling chocolate or fondant. Check out these fun novelty cake designs for more decorating ideas beyond sports theme cakes.

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Sports Theme Cakes