Mother's Day Cake Pictures

Mother's Day Cakes

Telling Mom how sweet she is with a personally decorated cake is a great way to make Mother's Day special. There are many Mother's Day cake designs to choose from, and a uniquely decorated cake can be a delightful gift to share. Simply adding "Happy Mother's Day" to a classic cake is an easy way to make a meaningful treat, but there are also many other decadent designs to consider.

Sweet Gift

Make your cake a gift to Mom by decorating a gift package cake. With fondant icing and ribbon designs, this cake is a special present that can be sweetly enjoyed. Hearts are a popular decoration motif; choosing flowers, swirls, or other loving patterns can be equally beautiful. The ribbons themselves can be made from icing or added as accessories if desired.

Beauty and Grace

Fondant-covered cakes make an elegant statement. If your mother is the elegant or no-fuss type, consider this type of cake topped with a few flowers and some pearls to complete the look.

Delicious Strawberries

Strawberries are the perfect spring fruit, and a strawberry cake for Mother's Day is always delicious. Decorate a layer cake with cut strawberries and curls of tinted white chocolate for a rich, decadent dessert. The cake flavor can be a simple vanilla or a complementary flavor such as lemon, chocolate, or whatever Mom prefers.

Heart Shaped Cakes

Heart shaped cakes are a popular way to show your love for Mom on Mother's Day. A simple cake can be iced and decorated with just a few flowers in an offset cluster for elegance, or the entire heart can be more elaborately decorated. A small, single layer cake is an easy option. Choose multiple layered heart shaped cakes for a larger, more elaborate dessert.

Candy Box Cake

If you choose a heart shaped cake, another way to make a statement is to decorate it to look like a box of chocolates. Use fondant for a smooth finish and decorate it simply with a few flowers and add some lace to finish.

Let the Sunshine In

Treat your mother to a bright ray of sunshine. A yellow cake filled with lemon custard and surrounded by lemon slices is sure to brighten her day. This is also the perfect cake for those moms who don't have a big sweet tooth.

Floral Cakes

Giving Mom flowers on Mother's Day can be predictable, but a sweet change is to use flowers to decorate a cake instead. Colorful spring designs can be created with cut fondant flowers or buttercream roses. Create a blooming garden of a cake for any flower enthusiast and let it take center stage on the table.

Subtle Flower Cake

Floral cakes don't have to be elaborate to impress. Adding some buttercream flowers to any cake helps jazz it up without going over the top.

Show the Love

Adding words of love can make even a simple cake into a beautiful Mother's Day dessert. Words can be added with icing, glaze, candies, nuts, berries, or other small items arranged into the appropriate letters. Hearts, smiles, and loving words are all great sentiments to share with Mom on this special day.

Simple Script

There are many ways to say I love you on Mother's day. For a simple, understated design, have some words piped onto fondant, to give the illusion of script.

Mother's Day Cupcakes

Cupcakes are easy to decorate with simple designs for Mother's Day, including small flowers, hearts, or the word "Mom." Decorative picks and candy accents are also available that can make creating special holiday cupcakes a breeze.

M-O-M Spells Mom

Younger children will have an easier time creating plain cupcakes and decorating them with their favorite frosting. Top with extruded icing candy letters and you have the perfect gift.

Quick Fix

You can also find plastic cake toppers specifically for Mother's Day at your local party store. These confections are perfect for that warm sunny Sunday afternoon family get together.

Heart Sprinkles

Another simple idea that a child can do is top cupcakes with heart sprinkles. Children as young as one or two years old can help make these.

Go Nuts

Show Mom how nuts you are for her by decorating a cake with her favorite nuts. Crushed nuts work well to decorate the top or sides of a layer cake, or whole nuts can be used to form patterns or words on the cake. Glazed nuts are a sweet option, and the nuts can be combined with drizzled caramel, honey, or chocolate for a rich and delicious dessert.

For Chocolate Lovers

If your mom is a true chocolate lover, indulge her with a rich chocolate cake or torte. Cakes can sometimes use chocolate powder instead of flour as their base for a truly decadent chocolate cake.

Mini Cake

If it's just you and Mom this year, consider getting her a mini-cake, rather than a full-sized one. Mini cakes are often frosted on all sides, unlike cupcakes, but are just the same size.

Make the Cake with Mom

For many mothers, a special Mother's Day cake will be even more meaningful if it is homemade with Mom's assistance. This is a great way to spend time together and cherish the love and sweetness that makes Mom so special. Whether it's for Mother's Day or her birthday, your mom will appreciate a cake made with her in mind.

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Mother's Day Cake Pictures