Emoji Cupcake Ideas

Easy Emoji Cupcakes


Everyone says not to eat your emotions - but emoji cupcakes are the perfect foil to this common piece of advice. Whether you have a teenager celebrating a birthday, want to share some cute cupcakes at work, or just want to practice working with fondant, an emoji cupcake is a great way to do so.

A "poop" cupcake is easily made with chocolate frosting and a large round or flower tip. Simply swirl it around the cupcake until you reach the desired height. Add small eyes and mouth with white buttercream; include pupils with additional dark chocolate buttercream.

Simple Smile


Fondant and edible black markers make easy work of cupcake decorating. Simply roll yellow fondant out and use a biscuit cutter, round cookie cutter, or glass to cut out a topper. Then use black edible markers to make a simple smiley face. Even kids can make these emojis - and they'll be grinning the whole time!

Angry Emoji


Don't see red when it comes to cupcake making - instead, let your anger show with an emoji! Roll red fondant out and cut using a glass or cutter. Then roll out black fondant. Use the larger end of a metal tip to cut small semi-circles for the mouth and eyebrows. Use a large tip or straw to cut eyes. Affix to the cupcake with a dab of water.

Dizzy Dude


This guy's head is spinning with all the sprinkles! Make the dizzy face by using edible markers for the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. Then use a foodsafe paintbrush to dab water on the top and bottom. Use red sprinkles on the bottom and blue on the top to create this emoji's face. Don't worry if it's not perfect - the emoji icon fades to the face's center.

Kissing Face


Show your love with this kissing face and smiling eyes cupcake. Black marker for the eyes and mouth make it easy - just be sure to leave plenty of room for a red fondant heart to represent the kiss. A small spec of red on the opposite side shows the blushing you're sure to do when you hand this cupcake to your true love!

Tears of Joy


Small pieces of black fondant and edible marker make the laughing eyes for this emoji cupcake. Add a simple red mouth (half circle) and some edible blue gel with sparkles to create the tears of joy. You're sure to make someone smile with this design!

Winking With Tongue Out


Make a silly face for any occasion. Black fondant can be rolled thin for the winking eye and mouth lines. Then use a small round tip to cut the open eye. Shape a red tongue from fondant and use a black edible marker to create the line.

Angelic Options


Tell everyone how angelic they are with this simple halo-topped cupcake. Black fondant rolled into a thin string makes the mouth, while ovals with small pieces cut out of the bottom create the eyes. Roll some blue fondant and make a small halo and once you've affixed it with a little water, you're finished!

Put the cupcakes together into a fun birthday cupcake gift box or share them with someone whose mood fits the cupcake design. No matter what you do, everyone is sure to love these festive emoji cupcake ideas!

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Emoji Cupcake Ideas