Romantic Hearts Cake Topper

Romantic Heart Toppers

Adding a romantic hearts cake topper to a special treat for that special someone is a fantastic way to show them you care, and there are many beautiful heart cake toppers to choose from. Simple metallic heart picks can be added to cupcakes for a quick decoration, or you can choose from other, more elaborate toppers for a more creative decoration or a lasting keepsake.

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Double Hearts

A double heart topper is a classic choice for wedding cakes and other romantic occasions, since it represents two hearts becoming one. These types of toppers are available in porcelain, blown glass, silver, crystal, and other designs.

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Anniversary Hearts

Romance can thrive for many years and you can show that by choosing a romantic hearts cake topper for a significant anniversary. A fiftieth anniversary, for example, may have a golden heart cake topper to symbolize the love that has lasted for five decades.

love and devotion cake topper
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Romantic Symbols

Hearts are not the only symbols for romance, and toppers may include roses or doves for additional romantic touches. Other popular symbols to include with hearts are swans, butterflies, or other flowers.

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Couples and Hearts

Heart shaped cake toppers that include romantic couples are always popular for wedding cakes. The couple may be dancing framed by a heart, kissing under the arch of a heart, or just sitting on the heart and holding hands or wrapped in a romantic embrace.

engraved heart topper
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Engraved Hearts

For a more personal touch to a heart cake topper, consider a design that allows engraving. A heart shaped charm dangling from a blown glass heart arch can be engraved with a couple's initials, wedding date, a special saying, a marriage proposal, or another romantic phrase or note to make it even more meaningful.

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Heart Cakes

If no heart topper quite fits the cake you have in mind, consider a heart shaped cake instead. Different heart shaped cake pans are available in a range of sizes, and options such as nested hearts, textured hearts, or heart rings for bundt pans are all available. This type of cake does not need an elaborate topper to be romantic, but carefully sliced strawberries can resemble additional hearts if desired.

roses and hearts
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Roses and Hearts

Roses are one of the most romantic flowers, and a romantic hearts cake topper made from curved vines or branches and topped with blooming roses is a sweetly symbolic option. The roses may be a different color from the heart to stand out in the design, or chic, monochrome designs are also available.

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Birthday Love

Be creative with cake toppers by choosing a small music box or figurine with romantic heart shapes to adorn a birthday cake or other special cake. This is a more subtle but no less meaningful way to show romance and love with a perfectly chosen cake topper.

Perfect Presentation

No matter what heart cake topper you may choose, the presentation of the cake is essential for it to be romantic. Consider a paper doilies, flower petals, or other accessories to add even more romance to your sweetly sentimental cake.

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Romantic Hearts Cake Topper