Minions Cake Idea

Minion Birthday Cake

Minions fans will go bananas over a cake made with their favorite characters in mind. Gru's small servants delight children and adults so create Kevin, Stuart, Tim, Bob, Dave, or other favorites in cake.

Minion Tiered Cake Instructions

A tiered Minion cake made with rolled fondant looks professional. You only need a few fondant colors and cutters to create the cake inspired by the movies. You may want to use toothpicks to help secure the hands, arms, and legs. However, don't forget to remove the toothpicks prior to serving.


  • Two cake tiers covered in yellow fondant, stacked
  • Additional yellow fondant
  • Blue fondant
  • White fondant
  • Black fondant
  • Gray fondant
  • Royal icing or water with brush (to act as fondant adhesive)
  • Fondant cutter
  • Round cookie or biscuit cutters in multiple sizes
  • Small cupcake topper (fondant or actual cupcake)


  1. Roll blue fondant to approximately 1/4" thickness.
  2. Cut four long strips- two short and two long - that match the height of your cake at an angle.
  3. Cut two more blue fondant strips to wrap around the base of both cakes.
  4. Cut a small rectangular blue piece of fondant to serve as the bib on the overalls of the top cake tier.
  5. Affix blue fondant to the two cake tiers as depicted, using royal icing as your adhesive.
  6. Roll out black fondant and cut small round circles to serve as buttons. Affix to the cake where the bib straps meet the bibs.
  7. Roll out gray fondant. Using a round cookie or biscuit cutter, cut out three circles to serve as the Minions' safety glasses.
  8. Cut the middle out of the gray circles using a smaller cutter.
  9. Cut small rectangles to be the side pieces for the Minions' glasses.
  10. Use the fondant knife to make impressions around the circles. Space them as evenly as possible.
  11. Roll out white fondant. Cut three pieces with the same smaller size cookie or biscuit cutter used in step 7.
  12. Roll out black fondant and cut eyes out. Affix to white circles as shown in the image.
  13. Affix the white eyes to the cakes in the appropriate places; then add the gray eye glasses.
  14. Roll yellow fondant into four long log shapes. These will serve as the Minions' arms. Add them to the cake as shown.
  15. Pick up the rest of the black fondant, reserving some, and shape into four gloved hands. Add to the cake.
  16. Roll blue fondant into the shape of the smaller Minion tier's legs. Attach to the cake.
  17. Mold the rest of the black fondant into shoes and add to the legs.
  18. Place a cupcake (real or fondant) between the Minion's hands at the top.
  19. Add a small placard, fondant or otherwise, on top of the bottom tier, with whatever message you'd like to convey.

More Minion Cake Ideas

Of course, a large tiered cake may not be something you have the time or skills to create. Don't worry, because there are plenty of other ways to get these loveable characters onto your cake:

  • Minion face cake: Cover a two-layer round cake with yellow fondant or buttercream frosting. Then, just decorate so your favorite Minion's face is on top.
  • Eye cake: Go in a different direction with a round layer cake and just make a large Minion eye. Cover the top of the cake in white buttercream. Allow it to crust. Add gray buttercream on the sides and bring it in one to two inches in on the top. Add a pupil and create indents for the gray eye glass.
  • Shaped sheet cake: Bake a traditional sheet cake. Use a knife to cut the top into an oval shape, starting about three-quarters of the way down the long sides. Decorate the cake using blue and yellow buttercream.
  • Traditional sheet cake design: Frost a sheet cake with your favorite vanilla buttercream. Then use either a piping gel transfer or a toothpick to sketch out a couple Minions on the top. Pipe black around the outlines and fill in with small buttercream stars to create Minions on top of the cake.

Crazy Cute Character Cakes

The Minion characters are crazy and cute, yet they are fairly simple creatures to draw. This makes recreating them with frosting easy for anyone who wants to bring these beloved movie characters to life - on cake!

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Minions Cake Idea