Minecraft Themed Cake Decorating Ideas

Minecraft Cake

Minecraft is a popular game with kids, teens, and even adults and this makes it a common theme for birthday parties. A cake with this theme will make any gamer happy.

Minecraft Creeper Cake Design

Minecraft is a world crafted from blocks, so it makes coming up with a basic cake design easy. This cake features a Creeper face on top of a basic block background.


  • 1 square crumb-coated cake
  • White fondant
  • Green fondant (in a couple of shades, if desired)
  • Black fondant
  • Ruler
  • Pizza cutter
  • Royal icing or extra buttercream for the crumb coat


  1. Roll the green fondant(s) and white fondant out to 1/8-inch thickness in a square or rectangle shape.
  2. Lay the ruler down horizontally and vertically on each piece of fondant to mark every inch.
  3. Use the ruler to connect the lines from each side and lightly score to create a grid that's 1-inch x 1-inch across the fondant sheets.
  4. Use the pizza cutter to quickly and neatly cut the squares out.
  5. Place the squares on the cake as shown in the image; space the green shades and white pieces throughout the cake. Use buttercream or royal icing to attach the pieces. Make sure they are placed tightly together.
  6. Then roll out the black fondant a little thicker, perhaps closer to 1/4-inch thickness. You don't need as much black fondant; only enough to make about eight squares total.
  7. Follow the directions in steps 2 through 4.
  8. Affix the black squares in the center of the cake in the shape of a Creeper face. You may want to layer them so they stand out.
  9. Cut two squares into smaller squares to add to the bottom of the Creeper mouth and add to the cake.

More Minecraft Cake Decorating Ideas

The block world of Minecraft makes creating a cake based on the virtual world simple. Consider one of these decorating ideas:

  • Steve cake - Steve is the main character in Minecraft. He is easy to recreate using a sheet cake. Print out an image of Steve and then cut a sheet cake into his shape using the picture as your guide. Use buttercream stars or smooth buttercream to create his shirt, pants, face, and hair.
  • Alex cake - Make Alex out of cake using a similar method as Steve. Shape her figure out of a large sheet cake and decorate to reflect her green shirt, brown pants, and red hair.
  • Tiered Minecraft scene cake - Sheet and square cakes aren't your only options for a Minecraft cake. Stack a couple of round tiers together and add a Minecraft decorating set to create a scene from the game. This is a great way to add interest without spending a lot of time on a cake.
    Tiered Minecraft scene cake
    Tiered Minecraft scene cake
  • Multicharacter tiered cake - Another option for a tiered cake is to make each tier a different character. For example, one cake uses an Enderman, Ghast, and Creeper for each tier. You could incorporate Steve, Alex, or the various animals as well.
  • Diamond sword cake - Shaping the sword out of cake takes a little more skill but can still be done without too much trouble. Use a toothpick and ruler to block the diamonds out in the crumb coat and then pipe stars to create the design.
  • Pig cake - A pig cake can be a simple fondant-covered square cake that has a block style nose and eyes. More advanced decorators can make a pig cake using a pound cake or other sturdy cake base and craft a 3D pig cake.
  • TNT cake - Another easy idea is a TNT cake. Do this by covering a square cake in red buttercream and pipe stars or block lettering on for the TNT and birthday message. Alternatively, you can cover the entire TNT cake in fondant.

Block Out Your Gaming Cake

Due to the world being made of blocks, a gaming cake featuring Minecraft characters, icons, and images is easy, even for beginners. A ruler makes straight lines easy, and all you have to do is put the blocks together.

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