Giraffe Cake Designs

Cakes With Giraffes

Cake designs featuring giraffes are fun choices for birthday, baby, and travel-themed parties. This exotic animal is one that can be incorporated into a cake in a variety of ways, from a simple print design to elaborate 3D versions.

Create the cake to the left by cutting a peanut shape into a two-layer rectangle cake. Use cake baked in a small bowl for the nose. Cover with fondant and use rolled fondant for the horns and legs. Cut thin fondant for the fur pattern. Use two layers of fondant to create slightly thicker ears.

Giraffe Face

A giraffe face is an excellent design to top a round cake, and it doesn't need to be overly complicated. Frost a two or three layer cake in a tan-colored buttercream or caramel frosting. As it sets, roll out fondant in shades of brown. Use heart-shaped cookie cutters for the ears and a large circle for the giraffe's face. The mouth is a football shape, with circles for the eyes and nostrils. Add horns using chocolate fondant, rolled into the proper shape.

Wedding Cake

Wedding and anniversary cakes can also feature giraffe figures. Shape giraffes out of gum paste or modeling fondant and add small fondant or airbrushed spots. Small hearts surrounding the pair below a chocolate tree add a loving touch to this special cake.

3D Cake

A 3D cake is truly a masterpiece for any baker. Support the cake shapes using wooden dowels and a cake plate as needed. Crispy rice treats can also be used for the head and standing legs, as they are easier to shape and will not easily crumble like cake. Cover the cake with fondant and use edible paint to create the spots. Use a darker shade of fondant to create the facial features and horns.

Elegant Giraffe Print

Having a giraffe theme doesn't mean you're stuck with putting an actual giraffe on your cake. Create an elegant special occasion cake by adding the giraffe spot pattern to a single tier of a cake, matching the pattern color to the rest of the dessert. Dust fondant pieces with edible luster dust to create an elegant glow.

Silhouette Cake

Another simple yet eye-catching way to decorate a giraffe cake is to use a silhouette. Tint fondant black or dark brown and use a cookie cutter or stencil to cut out the giraffe shape. Add it to a cake frosted to represent the sunset and your cake is complete.

Realistic Giraffe Image

If you love to draw, consider using edible markers or paint to create a realistic giraffe on a fondant cake. First use a toothpick to lightly trace the outline and main features, then fill in with appropriate colors using markers and paint. Add brown buttercream branches and green fondant leaves around the edge to finish the look.

Safari Theme Cake

For extra interest, add additional jungle animals and prints to a cake with a giraffe. Zebra or tiger stripes complement the giraffe print, and other jungle animals like lions, monkeys, and elephants can also be added to a cake with a safari theme. Customize it to the occasion by making the animals cartoon-like for a child's birthday or more realistic for a celebration at a travel agency or themed party. Use fondant to create the figures and patterns.

Age Birthday Cake

Shape a cake into the numeric age of the birthday child (or adult). Cover with fondant and add a giraffe face to the top, along with horns. Recreate the giraffe's patterned coat in colors to match the party theme, or to resemble a real giraffe.

Fondant Figures

Decorators who enjoy working with fondant can create miniature giraffe figures to place on top of any cake. Realistic figures are good for safari parties, while more cartoonish figures work well for a baby shower or child's birthday cake.

Animal cake themes are a festive option for many occasions. Whether you choose to make a giraffe, frog, ladybug, dinosaur, or bunny rabbit, it is sure to taste as good as it looks when you use your favorite recipe.

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Giraffe Cake Designs