Ideas for Decorating a Bundt Cake

Bundt Cake Designs

Due to their round shape with a hole in the middle, Bundt cakes don't always lend themselves to what many decorators consider traditional cake decorations. However, they can still be dressed up with a little effort and planning. From short to tall and colorful to simply elegant, your options aren't as limited as they may seem.

Use various flowers, like physalis, to create a modern design on your Bundt cake. Place a few gooseberries or berries of your choice in a row. Set a large bloom in a coordinating color, surrounded by greenery like rosemary, off to the side for a contemporary cake design.

Gorgeous Bold Bloom

A large bloom in the center of a Bundt cake makes a bold statement. If you don't want to use a real flower, you can always craft one from gum paste or fondant.

Before adding the flower, use a large round tip to pipe icing from the center of the Bundt three-quarters of the way down the sides. Follow the cake's naturally curved surface for an organic design. Select a bloom that matches the color of the cake for a coordinated, vivid cake.

Colorful Candy Explosion

Make anyone's day brighter with this crazy candy Bundt cake. Color is key for this option and you can use your favorite candies.

Decorate it by separating your glaze into two bowls; one bowl should have slightly more glaze than the other. Tint each in bright colors like pink and yellow. Pour one color down the sides of the cake, stopping before you completely coat the cake. Then pour or drizzle the second color over the top, stopping so you can still see the first color layer.

Add small round candies, like fruit-flavored chews or candy-coated chocolates to the center. Stick unwrapped suckers in the top and chopped candy bars around the bottom. Adorn with additional bright flags and banners as desired.

Candied Berries

Using fruits and berries to decorate a Bundt cake isn't new. However, adding a fancy finish to them makes the cake go from blah to beautiful with little effort.

Start with a basic white icing that's allowed to run halfway over the sides. Keep it neat by not pouring too quickly. Then top with crystallized or candied fruits such as cranberries, grapes, or blueberries. Place them on the cake when the frosting has set, but hasn't dried completely, to ensure they stay in place.

Flower Covered Cake

Pretty flowers are lovely for a number of occasions, from retirement to Mother's Day to May Day to a birthday. Cover your cake in lovely gum paste or royal icing flowers.

Realistic frosting flowers are what make this Bundt cake design stand out. Use royal icing and gum paste to create tea roses, lilies, pansies, rosebuds, and daisies in pastel colors. Paint details on using your food coloring. Allow your flower decorations to dry, then affix to the cake while the glaze or frosting is still tacky.

Buttercream Stars

Just because you are making a Bundt cake doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your favorite frosting. Instead, make a simple buttercream design that stands out with little effort.

Mix up a batch of buttercream. Affix a star tip to your piping bag. Hold the bag perpendicular to the cake and cover it in evenly spaced rows of stars. This design is classic and keeps your buttercream-loving friends happy!

For a bright design, consider using various hues of the same shade or doing diagonal rows of different colors for a rainbow cake design.

3D Snowflake Embellishments

Take a simple sugar candy and turn it into an elegant 3D design. This works with any flat-surface candy shape, such as hearts, stars, and snowflakes.

Place the candy flat on your table. Use royal icing to add metallic dragees to the center and arms of the snowflakes (or center/arms of other shapes). You can also pipe a buttercream star or other basic shape in the center to create a space for an embellishment. Alternatively, layer two different colors and sizes of the sugar candy on top of one another before adding your embellishment. Place these in the Bundt cake frosting while it is sticky to ensure they stay on.

Rustic Citrus Design

A gorgeous Bundt cake design doesn't have to be perfectly executed. If the cake has a rustic, fruity-to-earthy flavor, use those flavors as inspiration for part of the decorations.

You can't just throw nuts and fruits on top of the cake without some sort of plan. Start with the larger sliced citrus pieces. Place them relatively evenly around the top of the cake. Then press in any berries, like cherries, that need to sink into wet icing. Mix together smaller items, like slivered almonds, dried cranberries, cinnamon, and so on, and sprinkle evenly over the top of the cake. Add final items, like small meringues, as desired.

Flowers With Sugar Dusting

Powdered sugar is a popular topping for Bundt cakes, but you can take your powdered sugar to the next level with some simple florals.

Before you add the sugar dusting, pipe green buttercream vines and leaves onto a few spots on top of the cake. Space them evenly. Add a bright or jewel-toned simple flower on top of the green vines. Then add a center in white.

To add the powdered sugar dust, pour a small amount into a sifter. Lightly tap over the cake until it's just barely covered.

Royal Icing Lace Designs

Make your own lace royal icing decorations and use them on a Bundt cake. These are lightweight and small, making them ideal for the cake's shape.

Place your patter below a piece of parchment or wax paper. Pipe royal icing over the design using a small round tip and allow it to dry. Peel from the paper and carefully place on top of the cake. Press them down into the frosting or glaze so they stay in place. Use two colors and design shapes to create a pattern.

Birthday Details

A birthday Bundt cake doesn't need to be a plain glaze with candles. Instead, jazz it up by adding details to the sides. Start by pouring a glaze or chocolate ganache over the entire cake. Then add small details like:

  • Fondant rosebuds
  • Small buttercream flowers
  • Heart candies
  • Open roses

You may need to use a little more icing adhesive to keep the decorations from falling. Affix them close to party time.

Fondant Strawberry Decorations

Fondant strawberries can showcase the cake flavor and function as a decorative Bundt cake design. They're easy to make and a unique choice.

Start by adding any desired glaze and dusting with a little powdered sugar. To make the strawberries, roll red fondant into small circles. Press lightly to flatten the bottoms while shaping the top to a slightly rounded shape. Press one part of the circle in to create the traditional berry shape. Use a toothpick to create the seed shape.

Cut out leaves from green fondant with a small cookie cutter and draw lines for veins. Use leftover green fondant to shape a small green topper to serve as the berries' stems.

Layered Floral Ring

Small flowers look lovely when layered around the center of the cake. Make them out of fondant or use edible flowers. Select small blooms and layer them in the center of the Bundt cake to create a pretty picture over a light glaze. If you're not sure whether flowers are edible, consult a reputable source before adding them or make/buy your own.

Whether you're making a traditional Bundt cake, a mini Bundt cake, or even one in a unique pan, having several options for decorating means you can enjoy your favorite cake no matter the occasion!

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Ideas for Decorating a Bundt Cake