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Dino-riffic Themed Cakes


Whenever you host a party, you want your cake to match the theme of the bash. A dinosaur cake design is perfect for a palentologist's graduation or a Jurassic-themed birthday party. From professional looking 3D designs to simple kits that allow decorators of any skill level to create the cake, design inspiration is available for every baker.

The most basic dinosaur cake is one made from a simple round buttercream cake. Frost in your favorite shade of green, and use a plastic kit for the eyes, talons, and feet. Accent with black buttercream for a mouth, purple polka dots to enhance the body, and large green loops for a truly terrifying nose. A simple message on the cake board completes the look.

Dinosaur Skeleton Topper

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A cake decorating kit is another way to easily create a dinosaur cake at home. All you have to do is decorate the base of your cake using tan buttercream and some green grass accents with your cake decorating tip. Add the brontosaurus, triceratops, and stegosaurus to the top of the cake and it's ready to be displayed.

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Realistic Dino Toppers

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If skeleton toppers don't create the image you desire, consider buying a decorating kit that has realistic-looking dinosaurs. This kit has a pterodactyl and a triceratops, both of which open to reveal the inner skeleton inside. Use them on a traditional cake decorated with buttercream and airbrushed greens and water, or consider making a cupcake cake to set the scene for the dinosaurs.

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Shaped Cake Pans

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Use a shaped cake pan to create a delicious dinosaur that is easy to personalize with favorite colors. Use a small round black tip and icing bag filled with buttercream to outline the dino's features, and fill in the body with a star tip and pastry bag filled with your favorite color for the reptile's body. Finish him using white for the eyes and a complementary color for the scales on his back.

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Mini Dinosaur Cakes

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Not every dinosaur cake has to be full-sized. Create miniature cakes using a specialty pan. To decorate, consider pouring liquid fondant over the cakes and adding buttercream accents. At a children's party, outline the basic features of the dinos and put out frostings and candies to let kids decorate their own creatures.

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Large Dinosaur Cake

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Create a dinosaur cake that will feed a crowd. Carve out your pieces from a prepared cake and affix them together with buttercream or royal icing adhesive. Cover with fondant and add fondant accents for eyes, nose, mouth, and spots. Cut-out chocolate pieces or chocolate covered squares will create sturdy scales.

The cakeboard is what really brings this scene to life. Pipe buttercream grass using a pastry bag and tip onto the cake board. Add speckled malted milk balls (usually available at Easter time) for eggs, and make white chocolate "rocks" for nearby decorations.

Baby Dinosaur Designs

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Making a dinosaur cake for a baby shower or baby's first birthday calls for a cute cake that has a sweet, not scary, design. This baby dinosaur is covered with fondant and accented with scales and a youthful expression. For a magical take, use silver or colored luster dust to give it a pretty sheen, perfect for celebrating any youngster.

Scaly Dinosaur Design

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Dinosaur shaped cakes often have scales on top of them. To make sure the scales stay put, be sure to let your fondant or gum paste dry until it is completely hard to the touch. Use a cake knife to carefully cut small slits into the top of your dinosaur's neck, back, and tail. Be sure to evenly space the slits. Add a little royal icing to the bottoms of the scales to help them stay. Place the scales one at a time, and hold for a moment or two before releasing.

Cereal Treat Creature

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This dinosaur that sits atop a round cake is made from cereal treats that have been shaped to look like a dinosaur. Once formed, fondant covers the dinosaur body and accents the round buttercream cake base. Cereal treats make a light edible cake topper, so you do not have to worry about supporting the dino with dowels and plates.

Prehistoric Party Cakes


Avid cake decorators will find creating a menacing, standing dinosaur cake a challenge that is fun to attempt. Use dowel supports and cereal treats for the legs, and cake for the body. Be sure to add small plates for support once the legs are completed. Cover in fondant and airbrush to create realistic accents.

Dinosaur cakes are a great novelty design that are fun for any occasion, from birthday parties to graduations to baby showers.

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Dinosaur Cake Designs