Cake Inscription Ideas

Delightfully Delicious Cake Inscriptions

A decorated cake is often made and served in celebration of a special occasion. Make sure you mark this occasion by using a cake inscription that clearly expresses your feelings and wishes.

Not all sayings have to be overly serious. A whimsical message, such as "yum yum" repeated on a wedding, birthday, retirement or anniversary cake is a cute way to invite people to try the sweet confection.

Themed Graduation Inscriptions

A graduation cake for high school or college graduates can go beyond the traditional "Congratulations" or "Class of 2011" message. Combine a message with decorative elements to express your wishes. Ideas include these sayings and decorations:

  • Dream big, with clouds
  • Sailing to success, with a boat
  • Taking the path less followed, with a path or road

Personalize the Message

Personalizing the message on any cake makes it special to the recipient. Adding someone's name (or the name of a couple) to a cake beyond the anniversary or birthday message will make her feel like the cake was truly meant for her. Make sure you bake or order a large sheet cake in order to have enough room for your entire message.

Say Thanks with Cake

A simple thank you message is made even sweeter when it's delivered on a cake. Don't go to too much trouble on this cake, or the person you're thanking will feel they need to thank you for your thanks! Ideas for a cake inscription include:

  • With Gratitude
  • In Appreciation
  • For All You've Done

Remember that the cake should be small if it is for an individual you're thanking.

Congratulatory Cake

Sharing cake with friends, relatives or co-workers is a great way to celebrate good news. Write congratulations across the top of the cake and then add additional wording about the achievement below. Other ways to congratulate someone with a saying include:

  • Way to Go!
  • You're a Star!
  • Awesome Achievement!

Going Away Cake Messages

Instead of a typical message like "We'll Miss You" or "Goodbye" on a cake for someone moving on in a new life direction, give it a positive spin. "To the Future" is an optimistic, rather than sad, message for someone who is leaving a department, graduating or moving.

Welcome Cake

Welcome is another message for a cake that can be used for many different occasions. Welcome a new co-worker, a new baby or a new family to your block. Be sure to add the person's name to the cake. If the cake is for a man, feel free to replace flowers with balloons in the design.

Share Love with Cake

Nothing says "I love you" more than a delicious heart-shaped cake. This cake inscription is a perfect cake for a couple celebrating Valentine's Day, a special anniversary or other amorous occasion. Large block lettering makes a bold statement about your feelings, but a romantic scripted font is another good choice.

Whether you create a novelty cake design with a special message or simply add a funny saying to a happy birthday cake, the inscription is an important part of any cake design.

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