Wilton Cake Decorating Videos

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Wilton cake decorating videos offer a visual demonstration of techniques that help amateur decorators gain professional cake decorating skills at home. Taking one of the courses is not always feasible for home decorators, and is often time consuming. Videos offer a quick and easy way to learn how to do various techniques from the comforts of home. Set one up in the comfort of your kitchen and follow along with instructors, with the ability to pause whenever necessary.

Helpful Wilton Videos

Videos that demonstrate many of Wilton's trademark techniques and designs are available directly through the Wilton website. The videos are often clips from the television show Bake Decorate Celebrate! or from experts in the Wilton kitchen showing fans the latest techniques and ideas.

Unfortunately, the videos are not available in one place on Wilton's website. Luckily, the search feature makes it easy to find a video related to whatever decorating issue you are working on. Using the most basic search terms yields the best chance for finding the video you need. To watch the videos, just click on the blue box with the projector icon. Depending on your browser, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker for viewing.

Basic Videos

Wilton offers several basic videos aimed at the novice decorator. These short videos demonstrate techniques for baking and decorating that will make more intermediate and advanced skills easier once you learn to do them properly.Start decorating today by watching one of these helpful videos on some basic cake decorating skills:

  • Icing Consistency: Learn when to use medium, thick and thin icing, along with bag position and how to keep pressure consistent in this short video clip.
  • How to Color Icing: Find out how to tint buttercream icing for optimal effects in this quick video.
  • Decorating Bag Basics: Get information on how to make a parchment bag and how to use couplers with bags in this video.
  • Leveling the Cake: Decorating on an uneven surface is difficult, so find out how to level the cake properly for an optimal surface ready for decoration.

Design Videos

Design videos offer cake decorating instructions and tips on how to make an entire Wilton cake design. These videos offer instruction beyond the step-by-step written instructions all ready listed on the Wilton site.

Try one of these stunning cake designs:

Some video clips offer several design ideas and tips in one, such as the Pretty in Pastels Cake video, which shows how to make the Hearts and Flower Cake, too. Cakes aren't the only design ideas covered, with plenty of cupcake and cookie videos for your choosing, too. Try the Craving Chocolate Cupcakes design or the Monkey Pops video for great alternatives to a traditional cake.

More Wilton Cake Decorating Video Options

Wilton cake decorating tips on video offer plenty of help for beginners and experts alike. If you cannot find what you need on the Wilton website, head over to YouTube, where you will find several clips not necessarily available on the official site. Alternatively, purchase a DVD from Wilton that offers you full instructions, rather than short clips.


Wilton YouTube Channel

Wilton has its own channel on YouTube, with over 60 videos uploaded. Find video clips from the Wilton website, along with ones not on the website, such one that demonstrates the basketweave technique. Subscribe to the channel in order to stay updated with the latest tips and tricks from the world-famous cake decorating company.

Wilton DVDs

Wilton DVDs are available in the shopping area of the Wilton website or from other retailers, like Amazon.com. Some videos available now include:

Cake decorating is a visual art, and sometimes decorators need more than written cake decorating instructions. Use Wilton cake decorating videos and learn the techniques to complete your cake projects with the finesse of a professional, no matter how long you have been decorating.


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Wilton Cake Decorating Videos