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Transformers cake designs are fun to work with because they can be tailored to the skill level of the decorator and customized with fun colors and patterns. These cakes make great gifts for kids who love robots and even for adults who feel some nostalgia for the Transformers cartoons of their childhood.

Planning Your Design

A simple web search will yield a huge variety of Transformers cake designs that other bakers have attempted. If you're not sure how you want to shape your cake or what you want the final design to look like, it's worthwhile to scroll through a few results to help you get a better idea of what you want and what you think you have the capability to create.

You can also design your own cake. Use a pencil and paper to make a rough sketch, then blow up your design or re-copy it onto a larger piece of paper so that it's the same size as the cake. Color in each part of the design. Finally, make a list of supplies you need and plan how you will complete each part of the design. For example, you may need a melon scooper to cut eyeholes in the cake or red gel food coloring to tint buttercream frosting before you spread it on the cake. Assemble all your supplies before you begin the cake, and give yourself plenty of time to bake and decorate it.

Transformers Cake Designs

If you're a beginning cake decorator, it's wise to start with a simple design or use a pre-formed cake pan. As you advance in skill, you may want to choose complicated designs that take more time to prepare and set up.

Easy Flat or Round Cake

A simple way to make a Transformers cake is to bake a traditional round or flat rectangular cake, let it cool, frost it with buttercream, and pipe on a Transformers design at the top. If you prefer working with fondant, you can choose to roll out tinted fondant instead and cut the fondant into a Transformers design to place on top of the cake.

Shaped Transformers Cake

Another idea is to bake a flat rectangular sheet cake, let it cool, and use a sharp knife to carve it into a Transformers shape. You can then use tinted buttercream frosting to fill in each area of the cake and smooth out the frosting with a flat spatula to finish.

3-D Transformers Cake

If you're an advanced decorator, you might enjoy the challenge of preparing a 3-D cake that is assembled in the shape of a Transformers robot. You could also try making a stand-up cake and coating each part with fondant before joining it to its neighboring parts.

To make these cakes, you'll need to bake several rectangular sheet cakes and cut them into pieces or prepare individual parts of the cake with mini loaf pans or muffin pans. Let the cakes cool completely before you slice them, and freeze them briefly so that they're firm. Use a sharp serrated knife to carve the cakes into the necessary shapes. Arrange them into your final design before you frost and decorate them so that you can be sure you have all the pieces you need to complete the design.

Finally, coat each part with buttercream or fondant, and join it to its surrounding parts. After you've put all the pieces together, fill a pastry bag with buttercream and use a small round tip to pipe on any detailing or final designs before you serve the cake.

A cake made into the shape of Transformers characters is sure to delight any fan of the toys, cartoons or movies. Use it as a birthday cake or celebration cake any time of the year.

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Transformers Cake Designs