Star Wars Cake Ideas

Star Wars themed wedding cake

Make a cake that's out of this galaxy when you select Star Wars as your theme. Whether it's for a birthday party, movie viewing party, or costume party, you have plenty of options for decorating an out-of-this-world cake.

Stacked Character Cake

This character cake utilizes pre-made pieces to create a cake worthy of the Force. Start with a stacked four-tier cake that's frosted in buttercream. Then, follow these easy instructions:

  1. Wrap the top and second to bottom tiers in Storm Trooper cake strips, following package instructions for application.
  2. Trace the Star Wars logo onto wax paper and make a piping gel transfer from the pattern for the tier that's next to the top. Outline in yellow buttercream and then fill in the letters with black buttercream.
  3. Cover the bottom of the cake with a ruffle using the largest tip you have. Start halfway up the cake board go all the way around the cake. Then, flip the tip over and make a second ruffle around the top. A small round tip can make the line between the two sets of ruffles. Space small Darth Vader heads around the edge of the cake ruffles.
  4. Make a smaller version of the ruffle on the top tier.
  5. Place your favorite character figurines on the top of the cake and the rest of the characters around the various tiers.

BB-8 Cake

BB-8 is a favorite character from recent Star Wars movies. This cake capitalizes on his orange hardware.

One layer Star Wars cake
  1. Frost the entire cake with orange buttercream frosting.
  2. Measure each edge in about one inch and create a darker orange outline with buttercream.
  3. Outline the top edge of the cake with black buttercream.
  4. Fill in the space you created with white buttercream.
  5. Add gray accents along two opposite edges as shown. Add some small gray dashes about two-thirds of the way down from the corners as well.
  6. Make a black teardrop border along the bottom of the cake and then a gray strip just about it all around the cake.
  7. Finish by topping with a Force Awakens cake topper.

Darth Vader Helmet Cake

Darth Vader is the villan fans love, so it's only natural to choose him for your cake topper. You'll need a ruler to complete this cake to ensure the border on the top looks just right.

Garth Vader wedding cake
  1. Cover the entire cake with blue buttercream frosting.
  2. Measure to the halfway point on both the long sides of the cake and about two-thirds the way of the short sides. Use a toothpick and a ruler held above the frosting to make your marks.
  3. On one of the long sides, you're going to mark about a half inch up from that center point and over about two inches. Then go up another half inch and over to the edge of the cake until you reach about a half inch from the corner. Here you'll turn to the shorter side and measure a half inch up from the two-thirds point you previously marked.
  4. Repeat the same measurements in the opposite corner.
  5. Outline the entire top of the cake in black and connect your lines to make the corner decorations. Fill in with gray buttercream.
  6. Outline the bottom of the cake with red buttercream using a large round tip.
  7. Add a gray stripe topped by a black stripe around the bottom edge.
  8. Accent the cake in various spots with red buttercream marks.
  9. Top the cake with a Darth Vader helmet.
  10. Add small white dots (to represent stars) scattered across the top of the cake.

Additional Star Wars Cake Decorating Ideas

Star Wars cakes can take on any design you desire. From the original three movies to the new modern continuations of the storyline, you're sure to come up with a great idea for decorating your cake. A few more options include:

  • Make Princess Leia's famous buns the focus of a round cake.
  • Cover a cake in yellow fondant and then trace the Star Wars logo lettering onto the top of the cake and fill in with black buttercream for a simple themed option.
  • Use a shaped cake pan, like BB-8, Darth Vader, or C3PO, and frost according to instructions.
Star Wars BB-8 Silicone Cake Mold
Star Wars BB-8 Silicone Cake Mold
  • Add character candles to a cake that's frosted in black with white stars.
  • Add the faces of your favorite character to cakes even if you can't draw and haven't mastered piping gel transfers. Purchase a Star Wars cookie punch set and lightly stamp the top of the cake. Then outline and fill in as desired.
  • Chocolate buttercream and grass tips work well to create Chewbacca's fur.

A Cake for Any Fan

With so many Star Wars characters and movie themes to choose from, you're sure to come upon a cake design that works for any fan of the series. Use toppers and patterns to create the complicated characters, and you'll have a great looking option for any Jedi!

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