Scooby Doo Cake Designs

Scooby Doo cake candle by Wilton
Scooby Doo cake candle

Using Scooby Doo cake designs to create a unique dessert will make you an honored guest at any celebration! If you know someone who's a big fan of the mutt detective or any of the other characters, you can make a birthday cake that's sure to be a hit by honoring that person's love of the show.

Easy Scooby Doo Cake Designs

Even if you are not an expert decorator, you will be able to create a design that any Scooby fan will love.

Wilton Scooby Pan

If you don't have a lot of time to put into a cake or you're new to cake decorating and want to begin with something simple, Wilton has you covered. The well known manufacturer of cake decorating supplies for home and commercial bakers produces a wide variety of character cake pans, including a Scooby Doo pan. The pan is made of aluminum, takes enough batter for a standard two-layer cake mix, and comes with a decorating design and instructions for how to replicate it.

All you need is a pastry bag, a coupler, pre-tinted buttercream frosting, and a few different frosting tips. Unfortunately, the pan is discontinued, but is still available through libraries, consignment shops or online sellers at Amazon or eBay.

Scooby Outline


You can also draw out your own design or trace an outline of Scooby Doo to put on your cake. To do this, bake a large square or rectangular sheet cake. Let it cool, and invert it from the pan. Use a cake leveler or long serrated knife to even out the top of the cake, and then frost the whole cake with a flat spatula and a layer of buttercream frosting. With black frosting and a round frosting tip fitted into the pastry bag, carefully outline your design on the cake. Fill it in with a flat spatula and brown buttercream, and add details with the round tip and other colors of buttercream.

Shaped Scooby Cakes

Intermediate cake decorators may enjoy baking a rectangular sheet cake and then forming it into the shape of Scooby Doo or The Mystery Machine. Let the cake cool completely before you cut into it, and freeze it briefly to firm it up. Using a long serrated knife, carve away outline pieces of the sheet cake and use them to form a nose and ears for Scooby. Stick them to the main cake with thick dabs of buttercream icing. When you have the shape you want, frost the entire cake with brown buttercream and outline the shape with black buttercream before adding details.

More Difficult Designs


These Scooby Doo cake designs are more challenging and are best suited for advanced bakers and decorators:

  • Instead of frosting a flat rectangular cake with buttercream and adding a design on top, cover the cake with rolled fondant and use tinted brown, black, and white fondant pieces to form the shape of Scooby Doo on top of the cake. You may want to trace out each piece on parchment paper before you form them so that you get the sizes and components you need before you start assembly. Paste each fondant piece to those below it with a small dab of buttercream.
  • Professional decorators can attempt to form fondant figurines of Scooby and his friends and place them at the sides or top of a finished cake. Another idea is to make the cake into a setting from a scene on the show and place the figurines nearby, as if in action.
  • You can also try to make a standing cake in the shape of Scooby. This is a tough project because the cake needs to be stable enough to stand up, but it will be composed of many different pieces to form the right shape. Cake dowels may be useful to hold down multiple layers. Cover the outside of the cake with fondant that you can paint or tint brown, and add detail with other colors of fondant.
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Scooby Doo Cake Designs