Runaway Bride Cake Topper

Runaway bride topper

The runaway bride cake topper can be a good choice for a fun loving couple, especially if the bride is a person who was reluctant to wed - until she found the right person in her groom-to-be, of course. This cake topper concept is actually more popular than you might expect. Several different versions of this topper are available.

Variations of Runaway Bride Cake Topper

Probably the most popular runaway bride cake topper is one in which the bride turns and starts to hurry away, but the groom thwarts her by stepping on the train of her dress. This topper is available online at the following stores:

A second version features the groom actually dragging the bride back to the wedding by holding on to one of her ankles. She makes a valiant effort to try to crawl away. This one is not as widely available, but you can find it for sale at Wal-Mart.

Another way to represent the runaway bride topper is to place a groom figure alone on top of the wedding cake, along with a circular hole in the icing to represent where the bride once stood. An easy way to do this is to place the groom on the cake and build up a little buttcream frosting or gum paste around his base. Then simply lift him up and put him in his proper spot. You do not have to leave a bald spot.

The Reluctant Groom

Runaway groom

If it's the groom that's a little more hesitant about commitment, or both parties struggled to make it to the altar, you may want to get a reluctant groom topper. Use it along with the runaway bride or to replace the runaway bride. Popular models include one of the bride pulling the groom by his leg, and one with the bride dragging her groom by his coat collar.

When Not to Use This Topper

While most people will realize that the runaway bride topper is all in fun, there are sometimes when it is probably not appropriate, including the following circumstances:

  1. There is a chance that the bride actually will leave the groom at the altar.
  2. Anyone in attendance at the reception has been left at the altar previously.
  3. The wedding reception is a very formal and serious affair.

It's also not a good idea to use it unless the couple being married specifically requests it. A wedding is not a time when you want to risk hurting people's feelings, even if it is not intentional. It's best to show the couple either the topper itself or at least a photograph of it before placing it on the wedding cake.

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Runaway Bride Cake Topper