Retirement Cake Designs

Retirement message cake

Coming up with a retirement cake design depends on both your cake decorating skills, and on the retiree's former career and his/her future plans.

Basic Retirement Cake Decorating

Parties for retiring employees, friends and family members are common when someone decides to step down from their current position in the workplace. Often, a decorated cake in honor of the retiree is a centerpiece to the food portion of the celebration.

Most retirement cake designs use basic cake decorating techniques that even novices can master with just a little practice. Typically, retirement cakes are large sheet cake sizes because they have to feed a crowd and are easy to cut into uniform-sized pieces. If the party is small or if you just want to honor the person and his/her family, consider serving a small two-layer round or square cake.

Retirement Cake Decorating

Follow these steps to create a basic buttercream design for a retirement cake:

  1. Bake a sheet cake large enough to feed the anticipated crowd at the party.
  2. Allow it to cool and then ice with a thin layer of buttercream frosting.
  3. After the crumb coat sets, ice the entire cake with buttercream frosting.
  4. Write the message of choice on top of the cake using thinned buttercream.
  5. Decorate with icing roses or balloons in the corners of the cake.
  6. Add a border around the top and bottom of the cake.

Easy Fondant Retirement Cake Decorations

Use other simple cake decorating techniques to create a festive cake for someone's retirement. For example, purchase pre-made fondant, tint it and then roll flat. Use cookie cutters to cut out various sized stars to place on the cake. Roll fondant into small, uniformly sized ball to make a cake with dots.Another easy way to use fondant on a retirement cake is to use small templates to cut out lettering for the cake. Use cookie cutters to cut out seasonal items, like snowflakes, autumn leaves, or flower shapes to use on a simple retirement cake.

Retirement Cake Messages

The message you put on the cake does not have to be "Happy Retirement." Instead, create your own phrase or use one of these alternatives:

  • Congratulations on Your Retirement
  • Here's to 35 Years!
  • Best Wishes, John
  • Good Luck
  • We'll Miss You

More Retirement Cake Designs

Experienced cake decorators can create a novelty cake design that focuses on the retiree's former occupation or plan for the future. The cake might also include any sort of retirement party theme.

Give a retiree a special cake.

Occupational Designs

Include figurines and buttercream pictures of items that relate to the person's former occupation. A doctor, nurse or paramedic's cake might feature a piped buttercream stethoscope or even a sculpted fondant medical bag. Decorate an accountant's cake to look like an oversize calculator or even a tax form. Virtually any occupation has a few aspects that can easily be transferred onto a cake.

Future Plan Designs

Retirees often have many plans for their newly freed time, so replicate those plans in cake. Make a 3D version of the Eiffel Tower or an airplane for people who plan to travel. Those who plan to devote time to gardening might like a large plant pot with flowers made of cake, while others who want to babysit their grandkids might enjoy a cake with edible photographs of their grandchildren on the cake.

Party Theme Designs

Retirement parties often have a theme, especially if the party is large. Consider decorating a luau cake for a tropical- or Hawaiian-themed retirement party. A party planned around a particular decade, such as the 1950s or 1960s, might have a cake that has iconic figures from that era of time.

Another way to come up with fabulous retirement cake design ideas is to consider the person's hobbies or interests. A racing fan might enjoy a car cake baked in a 3D cake pan. Golfing, fishing, scrapbooking and reading are more pastimes that are easy to include on a cake. Even if you cannot design the decorations yourself, you can always purchase cake decorating supplies that feature these hobbies.

Retirement is a wonderful time in a person's life and a deliciously decorated cake is often a centerpiece of the party. From a simple message cake to a 3D cake, the design options are endless for anyone entering this new stage.

Retirement Cake Designs