Princess Cake Designs

Pink fondant castle

Planning a princess cake design is something that sounds difficult, but does not have to be. Even if you cannot create a fondant castle cake three feet high, you can still come up with several princess cakes sure to please the royalty it honors.

Princess Cake Themes

A princess cake is perfect for a young girl (or young-at-heart woman) whose birthday is approaching. They are also perfect for a princess-themed wedding, bridal shower or bachelorette party. Quinceanara cakes might also incorporate a novelty design like a castle, tiara or princess.

Buttercream Princess Cake Designs


Make a large batch of easy buttercream frosting to make decorating a princess cake simple.

Shaped Cake Pans

Purchase one of these cake pans and use a star or other drop tip to decorate in your choice of colors:

You can also use the Wilton Wonder Mold Kit to create a princess cake using dolls. A shaped pan usually comes with cake decorating instructions, making it easy for any novice to create a stunning princess cake.

Castle Cakes

One way to make an easy castle cake from scratch is to find a simple castle cake pattern and transfer it with piping gel to an iced buttercream cake. Use black piping gel or black frosting and outline the castle, adding in details along the way.

A second way to make a castle cake for a princess themed party is to use a combination of square cake pans and upside down ice cream cones. You can use cake cones or sugar cones, depending on the look you want your cake towers to have. Follow these steps to make a cake with ice cream cones:

  1. Bake a large square pan and two smaller square pans of cake. Take them out of the pans and allow them to cool completely.
  2. Stack the two smaller cakes on top of the larger cake, using supports and dowels if simple buttercream frosting will not make the cake sturdy enough.
  3. Frost the entire cake with a crumb coat.
  4. Pipe royal icing or buttercream icing onto the ice cream cones to "glue" them onto the four corners of the larger cake and the center of the smaller tier.
  5. Cover the ice cream cones with buttercream.
  6. Finish the castle cake by mixing frosting colors of your choice and adding a thicker layer of frosting around the whole cake.
  7. Add details, such as doors or windows as desired.

Royal Designs with Fondant

Fondant cake decorating is often more difficult than decorating with buttercream, but can yield stunning results. Sculpt a cake into the shape of a tiara, carriage, wand and scepter, castle or any other design you can imagine. Cover the cake by applying fondant icing over a thin layer of buttercream. Decorate using gum paste, fondant and buttercream icing details.

Ideas for using fondant on a princess cake include:

  • Using a luster dust for shine and shimmer on a wand and scepter
  • Adding dragees for an elegant look to a carriage or tiara
  • Piping details onto a princess's dress
  • Cutting out shapes using fondant tools and applying to a castle
  • Stenciling a scene onto the bottom of a castle cake and filling in with edible paint

A simple design using fondant is to cover a round cake in fondant. Cut out a large crown or castle shape in pink or purple fondant and apply to the top of the cake. Use thinned buttercream to write the celebrant's name on top of the fondant design. Create a border of matching roses and leaves around the bottom of the cake edge.

Princess Decorating Kits

Decorating is easy when you purchase a kit that has everything you need in one package. Consider purchasing one of the following kits to create a princess cake without needing many skills:

Cupcake with princess decorations

In addition to cake decorating kits, you can purchase picks and candles with a princess theme to place on top of cupcakes. Look for wands and scepters, glass slippers, or tiara shapes.

A princess cake design is something that many girls of all ages will enjoy during a celebration in their honor. Use elegant sculpted designs for wedding cakes, and whimsical shaped pans or kits for making a cake for a young child.

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