Motorcycle Cake Decorating

Motorcycle shaped cake, courtesy of Sweet Creations on Flickr.

Motorcycle cake decorating is a fantastic way to give cakes on wheels vivid details and make them appear as if they're about to race off into the sunset. Whether you're making a birthday cake, special occasion cake, or a just for fun cake, modeling your dessert after a sleek motorcycle is likely to catch everyone's attention and really show off your skills.

Motorcycle Cake Decorating

To carry out the design you want, you'll need a cake. Flat, rectangular sheet cakes showcase 2D motorcycle pictures very well, and if you don't want to bake your own, you can buy a prepared cake that's already set with a base layer of frosting from a bakery or grocery store.

Making a shaped cake is another choice and presents a unique challenge. To do it with a flat model, bake several two layer cakes and use a sharp, serrated knife to carve out wheels and a shape for the body of the motorcycle. The cake will lie sideways, so you can arrange the pieces on a platter and decorate with black and gray frosting. A stand-up cake is harder and is a lot like a 3D model of a motorcycle in cake form. To do it, you'll need wooden supports for the inside of the cake, and you may need to form all decorations or some precise parts of the model with fondant frosting instead of buttercream.

Image courtesy of on Flickr.

Motorcycle Decoration Tips

  • If you can't buy buttercream in the frosting colors you need, mix them yourself. Various shades of gray work well for most parts of the motorcycle's body, and you can form an extensive palette of grays by combining black and white buttercream.
  • To reflect the chrome and silver shine of motorcycle machinery, paint a coat of shimmering silver luster dust or edible glitter on top of the frosted parts. Mix the dust with vodka or lemon juice before painting it on so that it forms a smooth paste.
  • If you don't have standout artistic abilities, print out a picture of a motorcycle or find one in a book or magazine. Use the image as reference when you outline and decorate your cake.
  • Motorcycle cake decorating doesn't have to be realistic or time-intensive. Try using bright colors of frosting or piping gel to outline an exaggerated, cartoonish motorcycle on a round cake for a child's birthday party, or frost just a pair of wheels and make the rest of the motorcycle a speeding blur. Use your own creativity and personality when developing new ideas.

Decorating a cake with a motorcylce theme is one sure to get any biker's engine revving with excitement.

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Motorcycle Cake Decorating