How to Make a Race Car Cake

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There are two big reasons why people wonder how to make a race car cake: either to make one for a child's birthday or to please an adult who is a fan of NASCAR or stock car racing. Of course, there are other occasions when this type of cake would be fitting, such as for a movie themed party celebrating a film like Days of Thunder or Cars. This kind of cake is pretty easy to make, even if you're not particularly experienced with cake decorating.

How to Make a Race Car Cake

The first step in learning how to make a race car cake is to bake an 8 by 11 inch loaf cake. Make sure to use enough batter so that the cake is at least four inches in height. Also, try to make the top of the cake as flat as possible.

Remove the cake from the pan and let it cool. Once it's ready, turn it so that one of the shorter edges is facing you and place it on your cake board. Then, measure back about five inches and trim a wedge out of the cake so that the front half slants toward you, resembling a car's hood. Be careful when you're slicing so that you don't break the cake that remains. You can simply discard the extra, or, if you made chocolate cake, you can crumble it up and use it as "dirt" underneath the car's tires.

Once you're done trimming, ice your cake in the color of your choice using buttercream frosting. Try to keep it as smooth as possible so that it resembles the shiny paint of a race car. Once you have the entire cake iced, use black icing in a piping bag to draw details, like the outlines for the windows and doors. If you like, fill in the "windows" with silver edible glitter or with white icing.

To add details to your car cake, complete the following steps:

  1. Cut two chocolate iced donuts in half. These will be the car's tires. Position them, flat side down, two on the left side and two on the right side of your cake. They should stick to the icing fairly easily. If you don't have donuts, you can substitute any round chocolate snack cake.
  2. Cut two circles or squares out of a yellow fruit roll and stick them to the front of the cake to create headlights. You can use your judgment on size since it varies based on the model of race car. Just make sure they aren't so large that they hang of the edges or overlap the top of your cake.
  3. Use a red fruit roll to make the taillights in a similar fashion. Then, simply add your message to the "roof" of your vehicle.

Race Car Cake Pans

If you don't feel up to shaping your cake like a car on your own, you can purchase a pan that does all the work for you. Some of the pans that are available, possibly at your local craft or cake store, are the following:

You can also simply purchase plastic race cars and place them on top of your cake. Then all you need to do is ice it so that it looks like a track.

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