How to Make a Princess Cake

Castle cake

Many little girls dream of being princesses, which means you may find yourself wondering how to make a princess cake. There are several different types of princess cakes you can create. Two good ones are to have your cake look like a castle or like a princess in a pretty dress. First, choose your idea. Then, skip to the appropriate cake decorating instruction set.

How to Make a Castle Cake

  1. Bake four 9 inch round cakes in any flavor you like. If you're using a mix, you will need two boxes.
  2. Set the cakes on a rack until they are completely cool, and then transfer one to your cake board.
  3. Using a serrated knife, cut a 6 inch circle out of the center of two of the remaining cakes. Keep the circles and discard the excess.
  4. Ice the cake you have on the cake board and put the second intact cake on top of it. Make sure the edges match exactly.
  5. Ice the first of the now 6 inch cakes and place it in the center of your stack. Then stick the second 6 inch cake on top of it and ice it. Your cake will look like a castle with a tower on top.
  6. Place an upside down waffle cone on the very top to form a turret.

Decorate your castle according to your preference. Girls tend to love edible glitter in pink or purple.

How to Make a Princess Cake

Making a princess cake is as easy a making a doll cake if you follow these directions:

  1. Bake three 8 inch round cakes, plus a cake made in an 8 inch glass bowl.
  2. Use a serrated knife to trim the first three cakes so they are completely flat.
  3. Cut a 2 inch hole in the center of each cake using a pastry cutter, including the bowl cake. This will allow you to insert the doll.
  4. Place one of the flat cakes on your cake board.
  5. Ice this cake with buttercream using a metal spatula.
  6. Place a second flat cake on top of this one and ice it.
  7. Repeat for the third flat cake, and then place the bowl cake on top, dome side up.
  8. Add more icing, as needed so that your cake appears to be all one piece.
  9. Use a spatula or a piece of parchment paper to smooth everything down.
  10. Place the cake in the freezer for one hour to set the icing.
  11. Put another layer of icing on the cake in your dress color of choice, using whatever tool you like to create ruffles or another pattern on the skirt.
  12. Insert your doll through the top of the cake so that the top of the skirt meets her torso. If you like, you can wrap her in plastic wrap first so that she stays clean.
  13. Add some frosting to the doll's torso so that the bodice matches the dress. It's easiest to do this using a piping bag and a rose tip.
  14. Use sprinkles for decoration, and top your doll with a crown or princess hat.

For other ideas of how to make a princess cake, check your local cake supply shop for books. Since this is such a popular cake theme, there are lots of different pans and recipes that you can use.

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How to Make a Princess Cake