How Do I Make a Spider Man Cake

spider man cake

"How do I make a Spider-Man cake?" is a valid question, but with all of the tutorials and resources available for cake decorators on the subject, it's not one that should stump anyone for too long. Spider-Man cakes are well within the grasp of even beginning decorators, and those with advanced skills can expect to come up with some truly marvelous creations.

How Do I Make a Spider-Man Cake?

Before busting out your ingredients and decorating supplies, decide what you'd like the final version of your cake to look like. Character cakes are some of the most popular choices, but there are lots of other options, too.

Web Cake

A web cake is a simple choice that reflects the Spider-Man theme but doesn't take much time to create. It works well with any color combination, but use black, white, red, and blue if you'd like to specifically reflect Spider-Man's character.

To make a web, frost your cake with a base color of buttercream, and wait several minutes until the icing firms. Then use a pastry bag, a thin round decorating tip, and another color of icing or piping gel to apply a circular web pattern over the base coat. Start in the middle of the cake and move outward until the pattern takes up the whole cake.

Character Cake

Character cakes are trickier than the most basic designs, but they make fantastic birthday and celebration cakes for people who love one Spider-Man character above all others.There are several ways to make a character cake. The easiest involves using a picture or drawing as reference, outlining the character with black icing on the surface of a flat cake, and filling in the details with more frosting. More complicated character cakes might feature stand-up characters, intense facial details, or a multitude of characters on the same cake.

Spider-Man Pans

Spider-Man cake pans are a lifesaver for people who don't want to buy Spider-Man cakes but aren't sure how to make them on their own. If "How do I make a Spider-Man cake?" is a question that's constantly on your mind, a cake pan can really help. Wilton's model is a Spider-Man with arms outstretched, which is discontinued but still available at many online auction sites and secondhand stores. The pan holds five to six cups of batter, about the amount that a traditional cake mix prepares, and includes detailed decoration instructions. Some special equipment is required to decorate the cake.

Spider-Man DecoratingTips

Making precise outlines and pictures with frosting takes a while to master, just as any other art form does. Take some time to experiment with frosting on a cutting board or sheet of wax paper before tackling your Spider-Man cake so that you can get the best design possible. More ideas and tutorials are available by doing an online search for "Spider-Man cakes" and looking at resulting images.

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How Do I Make a Spider Man Cake