Happy Birthday Cake Pictures

Birthday Cakes in Pictures


If you need ideas for an upcoming birthday celebration, these "Happy Birthday" cake pictures should help. Choose from simple iced cakes you can make in an hour, to more complex ones made from fondant, ordered from a bakery. Or, if you are ambitious, you can try making the more elaborate ones at home.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a "Happy Birthday" cake. Pictures are only the inspiration. The final product comes from your mind -- and heart.

Baby's First Birthday


A child's first birthday cake should be colorful and fun. A small, simple iced cake is perfect for the little one to dig his or her hands into while everyone is watching and sending good wishes.

Sweet 16


A teen's "Sweet 16" birthday cake should be a special one. A rolled fondant cake covered with pink and white cut-out daisies is not only sweet, but special too.

Bear-y Nice Birthday


A loaf cake is great for those occasions when a large cake is really just too much. Childlike decorations and accessories make this one perfect for any kid's party.

If You Don't Have Time to Bake


A store-bought cake makes a great alternative for those celebrations when you really don't have enough time to make a birthday cake. Most bakeries will inscribe a name or saying on it for free. These cakes are normally iced and decorated with flowers and confetti sprinkles. For the most part, they don't have to be ordered ahead of time.

Pretty in Pink


Show someone you love them with a homemade birthday cake. This two-layer cake is decorated with a light pink frosting and accented with chocolate sprinkles. For writing the name, gel icing works best.

Character Cakes


Character birthday cakes are common at children's birthday parties. Choose a licensed Wilton cake pan character to create or make up one of your own.

Out of the Ordinary


Top your favorite style and flavor of cake with fresh fruit instead of icing. These strawberries make it almost too good to eat.

Flower Power


A white fondant cake with pink and yellow cut-out flowers is perfect for any girl's birthday.

A Little Fun


Instead of a full-blown character cake for your child's birthday, a simple cake with a small figure or animal works well, too.

If you need "Happy Birthday" cake picture ideas, take a look at these fondant cake designs as well as these other designs.

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Happy Birthday Cake Pictures