Griswold Santa Claus Cake Mold

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A Griswold Santa Claus cake mold is a valuable collector's item that many antique dealers deem to be gasp-worthy. The old Griswold molds were originally manufactured by the Griswold and Wagner company in the 1940s and 1950s. Now Griswold and Wagner is owned by the American Culinary Corporation, which still sells cast iron bakeware and cookware.

Griswold and Wagner made cast iron cake molds, which are extremely durable and conduct heat better than many aluminum character pans. Cast iron molds that have been properly seasoned become nonstick and won't rust over, so they're highly sought after among bakers, although they can be very expensive.

Santa Claus Cake Design

The Griswold Christmas Santa mold is a two piece 3D cake pan with a design that features a stand-up Santa Claus that is just over a foot tall, about seven inches long, and about four and a half inches deep. At the base of the Santa is a message: "HELLO KIDDIES!!" in all caps, with two exclamation points. An authentic mold will bear the "Griswold Mfg. Co." statement and be imprinted with "Erie, PA" on a side ring. Since the molds can go for so much cash, be cautious of reproductions that tout themselves as original pieces.

Buy Griswold Santa Claus Cake Molds

Griswold molds aren't available in stores and are scarce to come by even on auction sites that normally feature collectibles. If you're searching for one, prepare to pay up: an original Griswold Santa Claus cake mold can sell for hundreds of dollars, depending on the bakeware's condition.

  • eBay - The popular site often has Griswold molds available from individual sellers and dealers. Many are available under "Buy It Now" conditions, wherein buyers can immediately purchase the item up for sale without waiting for an auction period to pass. Although you're almost guaranteed to find a Griswold Santa mold on eBay, you might end up paying more for it on the site than you would in other places.
  • Antique sites - Web sites that feature antiques and collectibles, such as Ripley Auctions, sell Griswold molds every so often. They usually turn up better deals than eBay, but the search process can be more frustrating.
  • Antique shops - Though they're much harder to search than online auction sites, antique shops may offer the best prices on Griswold Santa molds, and they also give buyers the chance to examine a mold in person before purchasing it. Before going on a shopping spree, call stores in your area and ask if they have any Griswold molds in stock.

For more help with antique purchases, visit LoveToKnow Antiques. If a Griswold Santa cake mold is out of reach, try baking and decorating a top Christmas cake design.

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Griswold Santa Claus Cake Mold