Fun Novelty Cakes

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If you want to create a cake that is a little out of the ordinary, then try your hand at a fun novelty cake. These properties are not only bright and colorful, but showcase unique designs usually not found at your corner bakery.

Fun novelty cakes can sport many designs, including:
  • Animals
  • Cartoon characters
  • Eccentric or unusual plants or flowers
  • Bold colors
  • Fun sayings

Winter Wonderland

Do you need a cake for Christmas or a school winter party? This lovely cake is draped in fondant that is as white as snow, coupled with snowmen around the edges.

Star Struck

Are you planning a baby shower for baby boy? This adorable moon and stars cake is not only perfect for this occasion, but add a candle, and you have an awesome first birthday cake too!

Flower Power

All fun novelty cakes don't have to be overly decorated to get your theme across. With your star frosting tip, create a pattern of colorful flowers on a fondant-covered cake.

Animal Fun Novelty Cake

Young children love birthday cakes topped with animals; the scarier the better sometimes. An alligator makes a great addition to a jungle-themed party.

Just Have Fun

A fun-loving tiered novelty cake is great for not only a birthday or anniversary celebration, but also for a slightly off-the-wall wedding.

This Little Piggy

This is just a fun cake! Create the pigs with frosting and use an edible cake paint spray to add color.

Simply the Best

Simple sometimes is the best way to go, especially with a birthday cake. Colorful fondant stars, letters and the package really help make this novelty cake not only fun to decorate, but eat as well.

Up on the House Top

This cute Christmas cake is perfect for any holiday party. Use gum paste to create Santa Claus and his toys that sit atop a red and white fondant-covered cake.

Decorating Diva

Let your imagination run wild when creating fun novelty cakes. There isn't a pattern or instructions to follow, so just go with whatever comes to mind. For more ideas, check out this gallery of novelty birthday cakes.

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Fun Novelty Cakes