Fun Cake Designs

An intricately decorated cake

Since cake decorating has caught on as a fun hobby rather than just something that professionals do, fun cake designs seem to be everywhere. Birthday parties, weddings, and special events have become more memorable occasions now that people can craft creative cakes to go with them, and out-of-the-ordinary designs are available at bakeries and cake stores that used to carry more traditional patterns. Perhaps the best part of all is that these cake designs are truly fun to make! Some of them do take a lot of work, but the finished product is worth it, and it can feel (and taste) that much more satisfying to bite into a cake that's creative and fun.

Artist's Cake

One fun cake design idea is the artist's palette. This cake is very simple to make, doesn't take a lot of time, and looks great! The vivid gel icing colors are eye-catching and draw attention to the cake, but they don't take much work to create. The top can be made with buttercream frosting, which often tastes better than fondant and doesn't take as long to apply. Since the cake is in the shape of a palette, it's a great choice for the artistically inclined, but it's easy and quick enough to prepare for almost any occasion.

Faux Food Cakes

Most cakes that look like other food items are a hit at parties, and a pizza cake is no exception. The cake can be decorated with fondant, buttercream, or fresh fruit, and it's a colorful design that's easy to bake and easy to serve. Faux food cakes are also good choices for holidays like Halloween or April Fools' Day because if they're prepared realistically enough, they won't look like cakes at all.

Sports Cakes

The huge variety of cake pans and baking pans available in specialty stores makes it easy for home bakers to make unusual cakes without having to cut out designs themselves. With a rounded baking pan, it's possible to make a ball shape, which can form the base for any number of sports cakes. A soccer cake with dyed-green coconut shavings for decoration is a popular choice, and that cake base can be tailored to almost any ball sport.


Wedding Cakes

The traditional wedding-cake design is white, sleek, and refined, but some brides and grooms might prefer a little more creativity in their cakes. Couples who want a funky or unusual wedding cake design could choose a:

  • Lopsided cake
  • Design incorporating cupcakes
  • Cake with especially bright colors
  • Design with a unique topper.

The wedding party and guests are sure to remember an especially creative cake, and it can also help showcase the personalities of the bride and groom.

Cupcake Cakes

Cupcake Cakes, sometimes known as pull-apart cakes, are cakes made up of many cupcakes arranged in a certain pattern or shape. The cupcakes can be turned upside down or stand normally when frosted. Frosting usually goes between the cupcakes to create one big design or theme. These are some of the most creative cakes out there and are ideal for large celebrations where most people will want to grab a single serving of cake.

More Fun Cake Designs

If you're looking for more creative and fun cake designs, try doing a Web search to get a few ideas. Search for keywords that relate to an event or a particular kind of cake and see what comes up. Another idea is to search for general terms such as "creative cake designs" and look at image results to help brainstorm.

One more source of great cake designs is the library. Design books and cookbooks such as Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson give home bakers excellent material to work with when forming creative desserts.


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Fun Cake Designs