Firefighter Cake Topper

Firefighter wedding cake topper

A firefighter cake topper is a great accessory for the hero in your life. Honor him or her with a cake during an important moment in life.

Purchase Firefighter Toppers

One of the best toppers for someone of the hook and ladder persuasion is one that celebrates his or her work. Novelty cake designs often feature occupations as a main theme, and firefighters are frequently recognized in cake decorations. A topper is a great way to finish any cake, but especially one with a theme of fighting fires.

Even if you are only familiar with basic cake decorating techniques, you can still create a stunning cake that has a firefighter topper. Make a cake and frost with buttercream frosting or smooth fondant. Simple stripes, polka dots or geometric shapes on a white base in reds, yellows and black will look great topped with a firefighter or related figure.

Wedding Toppers

Firefighter weddings usually include the wedding cake in the theme. Many firefighter wedding toppers feature a uniformed groom with a bride in her gown. The couple often poses in the following ways:

  • Standing side by side
  • Dancing
  • Kissing
  • Holding a hose together
  • As the groom lifting the bride
  • With a hydrant, truck or Dalmatian
  • As the firefighter rescuing the bride or climbing a ladder to reach her

Purchase toppers at party supply stores, online wedding retailers or wherever you purchase cake decorating supplies.

Toppers with the female as the firefighter and the groom in wedding attire are rare. Ask your cake decorator to create a unique topper or figurine for your cake.

Other Toppers

Firefighter cake toppers are not just for weddings. They are also a wonderful addition to a cake for the following reasons:

  • Graduation or passing of firefighter exam
  • Promotion
  • Joining a new firefighter crew or leaving an old one
  • Retirement
  • Happy birthday cake for an adult or child's birthday

The cake topper for these occasions may or may not be an actual firefighter. Often, decorators will create a scene or use an emblem from the crew as part of the topper. Use fire hat cupcake decorations as toppers on cupcakes as an alternative to a stacked or sheet cake.

Make Firefighter Cake Toppers

Talented cake decorators often make their own firefighter cake toppers. Try using gum paste, chocolate modeling clay or sculpting fondant to create a firefighter topper:

  • Hydrant: Create a hydrant by stacking several cupcakes on top of one another and adhering with buttercream frosting. A small dowel through the middle will help hold the cupcakes together. Sculpt using a serrated knife until a rough shape of a fire hydrant forms. Cover with red fondant and add details.
red fire truck
  • Fire truck: Use modeling chocolate or sculpting fondant to create a 3D version of a fire truck and place it on top of a cake.
  • Hat: Bake a cake in half of a 3D sports ball pan. Add sheets of baked gingerbread around the bottom, using royal icing as glue, until you create a rough fire hat outline. Cover the entire thing in fondant. Use it on top of a large square or sheet cake.
  • Dalmatian: Make a Dalmatian, the classic firehouse pet, to top the cake. Shape the dog using white fondant and then add small spots with black buttercream icing.
  • Flames: Flames need to be sturdy on top of a cake, so use gum paste to create them. Gum paste dries harder than fondant, making the flames firmer. Cut red flames out of rolled gum paste that is equal to the diameter of the top cake tier. Use edible paint to add hints of orange and yellow for a realistic touch. Use royal icing adhesive to attach the flames around the top of the cake.

Custom figurines and entire firefighter scenes can also top off a cake for a firefighter. Sketch a design or two before you get started or to show the decorator in charge of the cake.

The cake topper is an item that truly makes a cake look professionally decorated. Whether you choose to purchase one or make your own, use the firefighter and his/her duties as your inspiration.

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