Doll Cake Designs

Doll cake with buttercream skirt
Dolls are just one of many designs for cakes.

Come up with a creative doll cake design for the female in your life who is celebrating a special moment.

Dolls for Different Occasions

The classic doll cake is often thought of as a little girl's happy birthday cake. However, plenty of other occasions lend themselves to a doll cake design:

  • Quinceanera
  • Cinco De Mayo cake, with the doll dressed as a flamenco dancer
  • Themed holiday party, with the doll representing Mrs. Claus or hula dancer
  • Bridal shower cake
  • Baby shower cake

A doll cake usually features either an actual doll, with a skirt made of cake or a doll replica on a sheet cake or as part of a shaped cake pan.

Wilton Wonder Mold Doll Cakes

The Wilton Wonder Mold Kit is a set that bakes up a cake perfect for any girl's fantasy doll. It comes with a mold, doll pick and bake-even rod. Included are cake decorating instructions for five different designs:

  • Classic Doll Cake: The classic doll cake uses fondant for making the pleated skirt.
  • Miss Mermaid Cake: This design option turns most of the skirt into a large rock upon which a mermaid sits. Most of the design is done using buttercream frosting.
  • Beautiful Bride Cake: The beautiful bride cake uses similar fondant techniques as the classic doll cake, but in white. Piped cornelli lace makes up the dress top.
  • Celebration Sweetheart Cake: Perfect for a birthday, this cake features a fondant skirt with cutout balloons.
  • Prom Queen Cake: The prom queen cake is perfect to celebration a prom/ homecoming/pageant queen victory or as a quinceanera cake, and it uses mostly buttercream frosting skills.
Wilton doll cake made with kit

In addition to the designs included in the instructions, you can create virtually any sort of design using the molded cake "skirt." For example, pipe drop stars around the entire skirt in buttercream for an easy decoration. Create a hula girl by piping long green stripes around the entire skirt with buttercream. You could even create a cake for a garden party by covering the entire skirt with large drop flowers.A cake that includes plastic or flammable parts should not have candles near those decorations, as it is a fire hazard. Instead, make a small cupcake for candles if the celebration is for a birthday.

More Wilton Doll Cake Designs

Plenty of ideas abound for making a doll cake design. Consider purchasing a discontinued Wilton cake pan to create a:

Otherwise, try recreating your child's favorite doll using the current baby doll pan from Wilton. Copy the hair and skin color of your daughter's favorite doll and then recreate one of the doll's outfits using this generic pan.

Additional Doll Design Ideas

A doll design does not have to be made in a shaped cake pan or by using one of the doll molded kits. Instead, you can turn a simple sheet cake into a doll cake by using the piping gel transfer method and one of your child's favorite books about a doll.

If you are a good artist, you could use a tooth pick to freehand a doll's design or shape onto the cake and fill in with edible paints on fondant or drop stars on buttercream.

Experienced cake decorators can use sculpting fondant or modeling chocolate to create a miniature doll to sit atop a tiered cake. On a sheet cake, a molded doll could also be used to create a scene of the child's bedroom or as part of an overflowing toy box.

Sculpting skills come in handy if you want to take stacked cakes and create a large, life size doll. For extra sturdiness, consider making the cake out of cereal treats and cutting to shape. Then cover in fondant and decorate to match your child's own favorite doll.

A doll cake design is one that is easily personalized. As a fun novelty cake, it will delight both the person it is made to honor and the guests who will eat it. Remember that you can turn a doll into a fairy, angel or even a princess cake with just a little extra effort and some tweaking of decorating patterns.

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