Discount Cupcake Wrappers

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Discount cupcake wrappers and liners are a great find for bakers who need a constant supply of items to produce and present their cupcakes. Though making your own cupcake wrappers is a good option that can help save money, it's time-consuming to craft and cut out so many wrappers, and it's often more convenient to just buy wrappers at a discount. If you're not familiar with general pricing of decorating supplies for cakes and cupcakes, try doing some comparison shopping before you search for discount cupcake wrappers.

How to Shop for Wrappers

Comparison shopping helps you get the best price for your cake decorating supplies, like wrappers.

Shop in Stores and Online

Visit cake decorating or baking specialty supply stores in your area as well as normal grocery stores. You can likely find liners at all of these places, but wrappers may only be available at the specialty stores. Take a small notebook with you, and note prices of different supplies and any quality variances you see. Make sure to figure out the price per wrapper or liner instead of just noting down the total price for a bundle of supplies.

After your shopping trip, use the Internet to search for more cupcake wrappers and liners. Copy down the prices you find there in your notebook as well. When you're finished, scan the list and find the cheapest prices. Are there commonalities among the pricing for a particular brand or supply of wrappers? If you can find a good deal on what you're seeking, you may want to stock up on those wrappers while you can.

Bulk Purchases

If you plan to buy a large number of wrappers, see if you can arrange a discount with the merchant or buy the wrappers wholesale from a manufacturer at an even deeper discount. You may have to agree to purchase a lot of wrappers to do this, so it's a more viable option for a commercial bakery or a home baker with a business instead of an occasional home baker.

Silicone Liners

Save money by purchasing a silicone cupcake pan or using silicone liners. They don't stick to cupcakes, are reusable, and won't generate paper waste.

Seasonal Discounts

Finally, it's wise to shop for seasonal cupcake wrappers just after the season has ended. Craft stores and baking supply stores often slash themed wrappers and liners to clearance prices right after Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, for example. If you have storage space in your kitchen, it can be worth it to purchase these supplies when they're cheapest and save them to use during the following year.

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Places to Buy Discount Cupcake Wrappers

  • Online specialty baking shops, such as, carry a variety of cupcake liners and wrappers.
  • Some shops, such as Beryl's, specialize in cupcake decorating supplies and wrappers.
  • Wilton sells a number of themed cupcake wrappers and similar supplies.
  • Etsy is a good place to search for handmade cupcake wrappers.
  • Some templates for cutting your own cupcake wrappers are available online, and using a template can cut back on the time it takes to make your own cupcake wrappers.
  • Craft stores such as Michael's, Jo-Ann Fabric, and A.C. Moore carry themed wrappers, liners, and other baking supplies that they often sell at a discount after the holidays have passed.

It's not hard to find discount cupcake wrappers for virtually any occasion if you know where to look. With a little comparison shopping, you will find the best price available.

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Discount Cupcake Wrappers