Decorating Ideas for Easter Cakes

Spring Easter Cake Options

An Easter cake often celebrates not only the holiday, but the arrival of spring. Traditional Easter icons like chicks, eggs, and bunnies, and signs of spring like flowers and baskets, all have their place on an Easter dessert table.

To create this cute chick, cover a two or three layer cake in fondant. Use round cookie cutters to cut the face and eyes out of fondant and affix with royal icing. Gently fold rolled fondant over and cut wings out of both sides, so that they match, and use a knife to draw feather lines. Shape the beak out of fondant.

Garden Cake

With Easter comes thoughts of spring gardening, even if the day itself is chilly. A cake that highlights this warm-weather hobby is a delightful switch from cakes that feature traditional holiday icons.

Recreate this cake by covering a two or three tier round cake in green fondant. Cut the white fence posts out of rolled fondant and use a flower mold or cutter to make creating the blooms easy. Affix the decorations to the cake with royal icing adhesive and add a festive message to the top to complete the design.

Bird Nest Cake

Create a simple bird nest out of cake for your Easter table. Bake your favorite Bundt cake and cover with a white or caramel glaze. Then top with toasted coconut, speckled egg candies, and marshmallow bunnies or birds.

Easter Lily Cake

Calla lilies represent Easter and have religious significance related to Jesus's resurrection. Create a pretty cake with these flowers as the primary decoration. Use rolled fondant to shape the petals, curving the tops of the petals slightly down to dry. Roll yellow fondant to create the stigma and use a leaf mold to make the leaves easy.

Cross Cake

Consider creating a simple cake that reflects the religious significance of Easter Sunday. Confectioner's sugar makes easy work of this simple design. Just place a stencil or homemade paper cut-out of a cross over your cake while it is still warm. Use a sifter to dust confectioner's sugar lightly all over the surface. Remove the cut-out, and you'll have an elegant dessert appropriate for the day.

Simple Carrot Topped Cake

Skip the traditional bunny shaped cake in favor of his favorite treat. Tint rolled fondant orange and then use your hands to roll it into the carrot shapes. Add two small, thin green rolls to look like carrot tops. Pre-slicing the cake allows you to evenly distribute the carrots around the edge and adds a little something extra to this simple yet elegant design. It's perfect for topping an actual carrot cake!

Empty Tomb Cake

Religious celebrations will rejoice that Jesus rose from the grave on Easter Sunday, and this cake design is an excellent choice for those who worship. Shape the tomb out of off-white gum paste or cover crispy rice treats in cream-colored fondant to create the tomb and boulder. Place atop a sturdy cake frosted with chocolate buttercream. Green buttercream grass accents the tomb and the layers, with chocolate sandwich cookies adding a little extra decoration to the sides. Crumbled cookies create the appearance of dirt in front of the tomb. Add some small fondant flowers as a finishing touch.

Easy Candy Basket Cake

Candy lovers really love Easter, so incorporate the sugary goodies into your cake design. Frost a single or two layer cake with a crumb coat. While the coat is still a little tacky to the touch, place single mini or regular sized candy bar sticks along the outer edge. Tie a large colorful ribbon around the center of the cake to help hold the bars on the sides. Then, fill with malted milk balls, jelly beans, or other favorite egg-shaped treats.

Basket Weave Cake

A traditional basket weave cake is the perfect centerpiece to your holiday table setting, and it shows off your decorating skills. Use classic white or cream for a traditional look or a bright color like fuchsia if your gathering is casual.

Use a tip size appropriate for your cake size and start with a single vertical line. Space out horizontal lines evenly from the top of the cake to the bottom and make your next vertical line at the end of the horizontal lines. Then make stripes to go over the vertical line by filling in the spaces left from your first set.

Do this to cover the entire cake. If you've never done basket weave before, you may want to practice on parchment paper or a smaller cake before attempting the final design.

Character Gum Paste Toppers

Use gum paste or modeling paste to create adorable Easter cake toppers such as chicks, birds, and bunnies. It's easier to make the characters in separate pieces, like body, head, and facial features, than it is to shape the entire thing at once. Use toothpicks to hold larger figures together and royal icing to affix facial features and other smaller accessories to the animals.

Cake is a delightful ending to a holiday meal. Whether you make a basket, lamb, bunny, or egg cake, everyone is sure to hop your way for a slice of the delicious dessert.

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Decorating Ideas for Easter Cakes