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Novelty cake decorated with fondant

The possibilities for cake design ideas are limited only by your imagination and skills. Cake decorating picture galleries and slideshows offer plenty of ideas, but you can find inspiration in your everyday life, too.

Design Inspiration

Inspiration for your next cake can come from virtually anywhere. You may have found a cake decorating pattern that you want to try, or maybe you visited an online gallery at a cake decorating website.

Simple designs often involve borders, drop flowers, stars, balloons or balloons. Follow decorating instructions included with shaped pans to make a design that looks like your child's favorite character.

Make some novelty cake designs that involve 3D cakes, like a standing bear or replica of a car. Get your ideas for your cake designs from something you enjoy seeing or doing in your daily life.

Cake Design Idea Examples

Creative juices sometimes stop flowing when it comes time to decorate a cake. If that happens, try using some of these cake design ideas on your next cake:

  • Birthday Cakes: Cut a rectangular cake into a balloon and cover in fondant; add favorite television characters to the top of the cake; make drop star and flower designs along the border
  • Anniversary Cakes: Make a miniature replica of the couple's wedding cake, using a photograph as reference; serve sheet cakes with small flowers and borders on individual slices; make a large round or square cake with roses and flowers
  • Holiday Cakes: Decorate a tree shaped cake pan for Christmas; make an Easter bunny in the spring; cut a cake into a large pumpkin shape and cover with orange fondant for Halloween
  • Retirement Cakes: Write a message of thanks and congrats on the top of the cake; incorporate the retiree's former position into a pattern for the top of the cake
  • Graduation Cakes: Copy the diploma writing onto a large rectangular sheet cake; cut a hat out of a square pan and cover in fondant; trace a pattern of the high school mascot onto a cake using a piping gel transfer or the toothpick method
Cake Design Ideas