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Decorating a wedding cake

Create a fully developed cake design before you start decorating by using software specifically for decorators. Whether you're an amateur who wants to up your game or you struggle with sketching out your ideas for client approval, these programs will help.

Desktop Software

Use these cake design programs on your home desktop or laptop.

Wedding Cake Design Pro

Wedding Cake Design Pro, meant for designing wedding cakes, is perfect for making special occasion cakes for events like birthdays and anniversaries, too. Purchasing this software for around $50 allows you to choose the number of tiers, shape of the cake, design elements, colors, and more. Themed elements, like western rope borders or seashells, can also be added to cakes. It includes several cake shapes, including flower, heart, round, and square. Purchase expansion packs, such as the Decal Wizard or Hex Oval Rectangle Tier, to create more unique cakes for under $30 each.

  • Decorators on Cake Central's forums have varied opinions on the program, with several noting issues downloading or installing the CD and limitations on usability once it is installed. However, others mentioned smoother consults with clients, time saving capabilities, and "true to life" sketches after making the cakes created with the software.
  • Sweet Designs Cakery says that the software is "amazing" and "awesome."
  • Sweet Baby {Mason} James calls the software "user friendly" and feels it will be an "asset to (her) business."

Kopykake Desktop Decorator

Adding someone's photo to a cake is a fun way to personalize it. Use the Kopykake Desktop Decorator to make this happen. With it, you can add text and a border before printing. To use the software you'll need a Canon or Epson printer loaded with Kopykake edible ink and Kopykake sheets. The software runs on credits; with your initial free download you'll receive 15 credits and upon purchasing the company's frosting sheets, you'll receive additional ones. Frosting sheets run approximately $28 for a pack of 24.

  • The editor's review at Software Pick Network mentions the program is "user friendly" for practically anyone.

Mobile Software

If you prefer to use a tablet or smartphone to design cakes, give these apps a try.

Calculated Cakes

Calculated Cakes offers two apps exclusively for iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch devices. Both programs allow users to email their designs to themselves, coworkers, clients, and anyone else who may need to see the cake design. Both versions are available in the Apple apps store.


The TieredCaker program lets users stack different sizes and colors of cakes for weddings, parties, and more. Enter the number of servings you need and go from there. The program also has cutting guides, and you can customize by mixing and matching the tier shapes and sizes. The app can be purchased for around $20.

  • Wee Love Baking calls the app the "perfect tool for any decorator," and notes the helpful pricing guide that comes with the app.


sheetcaker ipad app
SheetCaker ipad app

SheetCaker helps users figure out the number and size of sheet cakes needed for an event based on servings. An upcoming "Version 2" will allow users to see 3D versions of the cakes, along with other improvements. This is a free app for Apple devices.

Reviewers at iOS Reviews have mixed feelings about the app. One review notes its ease of use and ability to show proper cake cutting sizes, while another mentioned the current lack of cake shapes.

Cake Stacker

Cake Stacker is available on multiple smartphone platforms for under $10. It allows users to created tiered cakes using multiple shapes including pillow and petal, tier sizes, servings, and height. It also offers fondant and ribbon sizes. You can view a 3D model of your design and save your favorite 25 designs, among other features.

  • Users who downloaded the app from Amazon mention both the saved time and ability to create cakes with the client as pros of the app.

Wedding Cake Designer

wedding cake designer ipad app
Wedding Cake Designer

The Wedding Cake Designer by CreateShake is available for free. Not only does it have over 75 decorating options from borders to patterns, it also allows you to choose from 28 colors and move items around on your cake designs. Post your cakes to social networks or export them as full-sized pictures. Shake or hit a shuffle button to create a random cake design. Although meant for wedding cakes, a user could also make anniversary and other special occasion cakes using this app. says the tool is useful and inspirational for creating cake designs, but also mentions that the app tends to run slowly in some in some instances.

Design With Ease

Use cake decorating software to create a stunning design with ease. You don't have to be a skilled sketch artist to take your ideas to the next level when you use decorating programs or online cake design options.

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