Blues Clues Birthday Cake

Blue's Clues cake pan from Wilton.

A Blue's Clues birthday cake is fun to make and the perfect way to celebrate a special day for any Blue's Clues fan.

Celebrate With Blue's Clues

Whether you're an amateur decorator or have been frosting cakes for decades, you'll likely find that the little dog Blue is fun and easy to incorporate into your birthday cake design.

Character Cake Pan

Wilton, the premium manufacturer of cake-decorating supplies and equipment for home and professional decorators in the U.S. and beyond, used to manufacture a Blue's Clues cake pan, now discontinued. However, it's still possible to get the pan through some online retailers or auction sites. Wilton's website includes instructions for using the pan and decorating with it.

If you're just beginning to learn how to decorate, the character cake pan is one of your best options because you won't have to shape the cake yourself. Wilton's instructions guide you through the process of transforming the cake into a professional-looking final product, and they offer all the items you'll need to color the frosting, pipe it on the cake, and create final details before serving.

Paw Cake


Making a paw cake is another easy option if you're a beginning decorator or short on extra time. A paw cake incorporates both a large round cake and small cupcakes into the final design, so it's a fun choice if you have a kid who enjoys cupcakes or if you need to serve more people than you could feed with a traditional round cake.

To make the design, you'll need one eight- or nine-inch round cake and four regular sized cupcakes.

  1. Tint most of a batch of plain white buttercream frosting with blue gel coloring until it takes on a light, sky-blue tint.
  2. Use a flat spatula to frost the top and sides of the round cake and the top of four cupcakes.
  3. Tint the remainder of the white buttercream frosting a darker blue by adding more gel food coloring.
  4. Refrigerate the cake and cupcakes for a few moments until the light-blue frosting stiffens.
  5. Add a dollop of dark-blue frosting on top of the round cake and on top of each of the four cupcakes. If you'd like, pipe a birthday message onto the round cake.
  6. Arrange the cupcakes above the round cake to form a paw print before serving.

Buttercream Design

If you're an intermediate or advanced decorator, you may want to bake a large cake and outline a Blue's Clues design on it to fill in with buttercream frosting. To make the frosting look like fur, you'll need a star tip, coupler, and decorating bag or several toothpicks that you can use to swirl a smooth layer of frosting.

  1. Bake a large rectangular cake, let it cool completely, and brush it free of crumbs.
  2. Frost the top and sides of the cake with a smooth background color of buttercream icing, such as white. Use a flat spatula to even out the frosting.
  3. Looking at a design or sketch as a guide, trace a Blue's Clues outline on the cake with a toothpick or a thin line of blue icing.
  4. Fill in the outline with light-blue buttercream frosting and a star tip. Or, if you plan to use toothpicks to texturize, put on a smooth layer of frosting with a flat spatula. Add accents of dark-blue frosting for spots and facial details.
  5. Add a tongue to finish the design.

Fondant Blue

Use fondant to create this Blue's Clues birthday cake, giving you a chance to exercise your rolling and shaping skills.

  1. Tint part of a plain white batch of fondant with blue gel coloring and knead the fondant until it turns light blue.
  2. Tint a second part of the batch dark blue by adding more blue coloring and kneading thoroughly.
  3. Sprinkle a work surface with a mixture of confectioners' sugar and cornstarch, and roll out the blue fondant in separate batches. With a sharp knife or fondant cutter, make an outline of Blue and cut it out.
  4. Add spots and accents by cutting them out from the dark blue fondant and placing them on top of the light-blue outline with small dabs of buttercream.
  5. Finish the design by painting on additional details with edible paint, and then affix the design to the top of your frosted cake.

A Design That's Sure to Please

You really can't go wrong with any of these Blue's Clues birthday cake designs. Imagine the look of joy on the face of any little one who receives the cake you create, and then get busy piping!

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