Baseball Cake Designs

Baseball round cake; © Youngnova, Dreamstime
Baseball cakes are popular designs for kids.

Whether the World Series just ended or spring training has just begun, baseball cake designs are perfect for any fan year-round.

Baseball Shaped Cake

A cake made in the shape of a baseball is easy to make and decorate. Do it one of two ways, using a shaped 3D cake pan or round cake pans. Even if you do not know how to decorate a cake, a baseball cake is a relatively simple cake design to create.

Ball-Shaped Cake Pan

To make a 3D baseball cake, purchase a cake pan set that creates a round 3D cake, such as the sports ball pan set from Wilton. Otherwise, you can purchase the shaped soccer ball pan, also from Wilton, to create a baseball shaped cake. Follow the enclosed cake decorating instructions to turn the cakes into a baseball.

Decorated Round Cake

Making a baseball-shaped cake at home is easy, even if you do not have a specially shaped pan. Instead, use your round cake pans to create a baseball cake by following these directions:

  1. Bake a two-layer cake in eight inch round cake pans.
  2. Allow the cakes to cool, fill and then crumb-coat the cake with white buttercream frosting.
  3. Add more white frosting and smooth the top and sides of the cake.
  4. Using a toothpick and the edge of your round cake pan, lightly trace two semi-circles on opposite sides of the cake. This provides an outline for the stitching decorations.
  5. Tint buttercream icing red and pipe a red line over your toothpick tracing. Add small horizontal lines to create the stitches.
  6. Finish your cake by adding any wording to the center and piping a border around the top and bottom edges of the cake.

Additional Baseball Cake Designs

A baseball-themed cake does not have to be just the baseball. Create a variety of designs based on the popular sport.

Ball Diamond

Make a cake in the shape of a baseball diamond. Cut a square cake into the shape of a ball diamond using a serrated knife. Cover it with green fondant. Cut small white fondant triangles to be the bases. Tint some fondant tan and cut strips to go between the bases and to represent the pitcher's mound.

Baseball Uniform

A baseball uniform offers several options for creating an easy cake. Consider:

  • Using the discontinued Wilton cake pan in the t-shirt shape and making it into a jersey
  • Creating a baseball hat using half of the round sports ball pan and adding a sculpted fondant bill
  • Tracing a baseball mitt or cleats onto a sheet cake and then filling it in with drop stars using buttercream frosting

Baseball Card

Upload a photo into edible image cake designing software to create an edible photo. Place it almost two-thirds of the way up a rectangular shaped cake. Then, add "stats" to the cake, such as name, nickname, height and batting average to make it look like a baseball card. Fondant star shapes on the corners of the photo and favorite baseball team colors in the border finish off the cake.


Cover a rectangular sheet cake in fondant. Using edible paints and a brush, create a scoreboard. Depending on your preference, it can look like an old-fashioned flip board, a new digital board or even look like a famous NLB team's scoreboard.

Baseball Bat

Bake your favorite rolled cake recipe. After you have filled it and rolled it, allow it to set. Once set, cut one end to resemble a baseball bat handle, and round the edges on the other end. Frost it in beige buttercream icing. Add a few brush strokes to represent wood grain. Cut a few white or black fondant strips to represent the handgrip.

Make a fun novelty cake using baseball cake designs. They are great choices for any fan, or as a Father's Day cake or even as a birthday cake. Pick the design option that fits your skill level the best and score a homerun at your next party.

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Baseball Cake Designs