Anniversary Cake Design

Celebrate a special anniversary with a cake!

Choosing the right anniversary cake design to celebrate a special occasion takes more effort than picking a sheet cake and adding the appropriate year on top. By designing a cake carefully, not only will the dessert taste delicious but it will also be a beautiful centerpiece to the anniversary celebration.

Types of Anniversaries

The most familiar anniversary to celebrate with a cake is a wedding anniversary, but it is not the only type of anniversary that may call for a sweet dessert. Many people celebrate other unique anniversaries with parties and treats, such as career anniversaries, relationship anniversaries, and even somber commemorative anniversaries. The first step in choosing an anniversary cake design is to understand the occasion and plan a suitable cake for the event.

Choosing a Cake Design

In addition to the type of anniversary being celebrated, several other factors must be considered when planning a cake design.

  • Formality: The cake shape and decorations should match the formality of the event. A simple sheet cake or humorous design is perfect for a casual party, while a tiered cake and more elegant design may be best for formal events.
  • Size: The size of the cake will need to be adequate for the guest list. If a small cake design is perfect for the party but won't feed all the guests, consider adding sheet cake slices or cupcakes for extra servings.
  • Diets: It is important to consider the special dietary needs of the guests when planning a cake. Furthermore, consider the guests of honor and their taste preferences when choosing cake flavors and fillings.

Wedding Anniversary Cake Design Ideas

Wedding anniversary cakes are the most popular, and many couples attend or host parties celebrating milestone anniversaries where the cake may be just as much a centerpiece of the evening as the wedding cake was years ago. Ideas for wedding anniversary cakes include:

  • Recreating the design, decorations, and flavors of the original wedding cake, albeit scaled down to suit a smaller event
  • Cake colors and decorations to match the anniversary number, such as silver for 25 years, pearl for 30 years, or gold for 50 years
  • Unique cake designs for anniversary years, such as a wooden cake topper or chocolate cake for the fifth anniversary, when wood is a traditional gift
  • Romantic cake designs, such as hearts, pearls, or flowers reminiscent of the wedding details without being a direct recreation
  • Monograms, initials, or photographs incorporated into the cake design, preferably with a then-and-now theme
  • Combination cakes that combine the anniversary cake with another significant event, such as retirement, a new grandchild, or another wedding
  • Whimsical or unusual cake designs that reflect the trials of marriage or the hope for retirement, perhaps with funny cake toppers such as animals
  • Themed cakes that relate to a special anniversary gift or wish, such as travel or a shared hobby

Wedding anniversary cakes can generally have more unique and unexpected designs than wedding cakes, giving party planners and bakers the opportunity to experiment with different designs and cake styles to create a memorable and delicious dessert.

Other Anniversary Cakes


Planning an anniversary cake for an event other than a wedding anniversary has additional considerations. If the cake is for an office party commemorating business growth, for example, a sheet cake is the best choice for easy and convenient serving, and the flavor should be neutral to accommodate everyone's tastes. An anniversary cake for a solemn occasion, such as remembering the passing of a loved one, should be simpler and more discreet but still reflective of that person and his or her uniqueness.

Choosing an anniversary cake design means choosing the best type of cake to celebrate someone special in a meaningful and appropriate way. Whether the cake will commemorate a wedding anniversary or another significant occasion, a well-chosen cake is sure to be a thoughtful and tasty treat.


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Anniversary Cake Design