16th Birthday Cake Pictures

16th Birthday Cake Pictures


A 16th birthday is a big deal for a young adult; help celebrate with the perfect 16th birthday cake. Pictures can help you make your design just right. Remember, you can personalize the cake even more to make it suit the recipient.

Say It With Roses


If you're having a grand celebration, consider a multi-tiered cake. One idea is to decorate it with roses, and throw in a few real ones for good measure.

Try Daisies


For a more sedate floral cake that will still get you lots of compliments, consider making daisies out of fondant.

Make a Rainbow


A rainbow stripe cake can please most any guest of honor, and it will likely match anything you use for decorations.

Be Patriotic


If the birthday takes place near the Fourth of July, it's the perfect time for a patriotic cake. Think layers of red, white and blue for a 16th birthday cake idea.

Don't Forget Chocolate


Keep it simple with a chocolate cake and rainbow sprinkles. It is a sure people pleaser.

Be a Little Different


If you want something truly different, which is sure to be remembered, make a cake that's not a cake, such as this one that's simply marshmallows and white gums.

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16th Birthday Cake Pictures