Star Wars Birthday Cakes

C-3PO cake pan

With legions of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo fans around the world, Star Wars birthday cakes are in high demand. There are dozens of different cake designs to choose from or request at bakeries, but you might also consider making your own. Especially if you're an intermediate or advanced decorator, it can be a fun challenge to create a Princess Leia cake or frost the shape of the Death Star with fluffy cream cheese icing.

Star Wars Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

If you're intimidated by the intricacy of some of the Star Wars cakes you've seen, relax. Any decorator can make a basic Star Wars design, and the aid of stencils, transfers, and other decorating tools makes it simple to add professional flourishes to your finished cake. Decorators with more advanced skills may want to browse through photo galleries of Star Wars birthday cakes to find inspiration for their own designs.

Star Wars Cake Toppers

A simple way to add flair to your birthday cakes is to stick Star Wars cake toppers on them. A variety of companies manufacture these toppers for uses that range from birthday parties to weddings, and you can order the toppers online in advance of your party. If you're making a cake for very young children or making cupcakes for a lot of people at a time, using cake toppers may be the easiest and most time-sensitive option.

Favorite Character Pans

An easy way to make a professional-looking Star Wars cake is to track down a Wilton character cake pan. Though all of Wilton's Star Wars pans have been discontinued, you can often find them for sale on eBay or other auction sites. One positive about these pans is that you don't need decorating instructions for them, since Wilton posts designs and directions for all of their past models on its website. The company's past Star Wars pans include an R2D2 pan, a C-3PO pan, and a Darth Vader pan. Patterns for the cakes call for tinted buttercream frosting and basic decorating equipment, such as pastry bags, couplers, and decorating tips.

Star Wars Logo Cake

If you don't have much artistic talent but are good with precision, why not try a logo cake? The letters in the Star Wars logo are big and clear, which makes them easy to outline with thin frosting and a piping bag, and you can fill in each letter with piping gel or buttercream frosting. You can appease any fears of wobbly hands and mistakes on the cake by first tracing the logo onto parchment paper, then flipping the paper over so that the logo appears backwards. Using a small round decorating tip and colorful piping gel, outline each letter of the border. When you've completed that, press the gel design lightly against the surface of your frosted cake, and pull the parchment paper up. The logo should transfer to the cake. To avoid a mess, it's important to first frost your cake with icing that will stiffen after drying, such as Wilton's recipe made with all shortening instead of butter.

Sculpture Cakes

If you're really ambitious, you can design and create your own Star Wars sculpture cake. To do it, try using colored fondant to shape a character or drape over a traditionally shaped cake. You can even sketch out a scene or concept from a Star Wars movie and try to reconstruct it with cake. Unless you have help or a lot of time on your hands, though, it may be best to skip a sculpture cake. They tend to take days, even weeks, and many special supplies.

May the Cake Decorating Force Be With You

Star Wars fans of all ages will appreciate a birthday cake based on this theme. Whether you simply choose to purchase a premade topper or you go all out with sculpted figures, the recipient of your cake is going to love you for making the effort!

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Star Wars Birthday Cakes